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 Michael is a human that fell down. What more can I say? Michael, also nicknamed No Face Boy, has blonde hair to where the sides are touching his ears. He has blue eyes, with no shine whatsoever in them, with a tanish skin. He has bags under his eyes. He is roughly 5' 9", and is taller than most main characters. He has a long sleeved shirt that is gray but with thin maroon stripes 2 millimeters across. It's also baggy, as it hasn't been ironed for a long time. He has gray jeans that the material consists one of pajamas, but it isn't. However he also has gray denim jeans too. His shoes are black with white laces. He does have one weapon which is a 6" dagger that's in a sheathe on his jeans. His physical appearance is overall not threatening unless he's actually HOLDING the dagger, which makes him look threatening in a way. He has a clarinet that he plays occasionally. He is 14 years old.

His Arm

In the few days of the Underground, Le Gume was a huge bugger and was the enemy akin to Asgore. Their rivalry sparked with small fights which always end with them both injured, and they give up, only to fight again next time they see each other. Le Gume did something royally fucked up. During their fights he was in possession of weak acid to dissolve anything in contact. He shoved Michael's left arm in the container for 5 minutes, losing all chance the arm to be moving. When he escaped he had to have his arm cut off and for a while, only had a nub. This was soon to change when he afforded a cheap prosthetic arm. It was rusty, old looking and functions very poorly. It is not strong but he will no longer feel pain if attacked in that area. It's the same size of his other, functioning arm, however. He's still not used to controlling it.


His parents were never really into each other during recent years, and both agreed to break up. Because of this, it never damaged the family. He continues to live with his mom after that. His sister went to Washington with her boyfriend. Other than those things, everything was well. As he grew up, however, one of his friends had disappeared that he was very close with, causing an emotional shut down. Although he enjoys his hobbies and reacts to major events, most of the time he is completely neutral, making his Mom uncomfortable, as she wanted to help him get over his lost. Growing up to 14, he was kidnapped for ransom for $1,000, but his Mom couldn't pay so he was thrown into Mt. Ebott.

Uppertale AU/Surface RP

He has been soaking in the view of the sunset (in last cutscene, is to the right of Toriel), before walking casually to his home. Upon entering, his mom cried tears of joy, awoken from the state of depression or his child's kidnapping. While skeptical at first, she believed his entire story, and allowed to hang around with his new friends, still attempting to become friends with the rest of the main cast, Asgore being the very last. (See Friends section.)



Michael has grown to like Toriel a lot due to her kind personality. If Michael had nothing to do, he's hang out with Toriel. Eat pie, or do something until something happens in the RP. Toriel x Michael will never be canon in the RP universe.


Michael, since he was emotionally broken, was sorta relatable to Napstablook. He's currently the only one he reveals his true self to. Michael would always come visit Napstablook to lie down and feel like garbage. They both also like music.


Michael and Sans has grown to be just "nice to meet you" people. Not friends.. Michael does not grow to enjoy jokes or goof around like Sans. What you can say is that they are equally depressed. However, they can still get contact with each other and help each other's back.


Michael and Papyrus are best friends SPECIFICALLY because he isn't Sans. They both overexxagerate. If Michael doesn't have anything to do and something happens to Papyrus, he's drop everything and check it out. Michael x Papyrus will never be canon in the RP universe.


Michael and Undyne are not friends. They don't hate each other, they just truly don't have any sort of similarities and likings. And how Undyne doesn't just kill Michael is because he tried to becoming friends with her. Even tho it doesn't work, she doesn't have any mood to kill him at all anymore. They overall just feel slightly uncomfortable when around.


Well, since Michael and Undyne aren't friends, is not a suprise that Michael and Alphys aren't friends either. They do talk normally, but it just always end up awkward. And Alphys, to ruin the conversation, would talk about Undyne, which Michael would quickly end it at any free point. It's slightly... sad.


Meh. You know how Mettaton is semi-aggresive to humans? Well, we'd figure that, even after a long line of attempted kills with fails, it just ended up becoming some neutral relationship, talks whenever they feel like it. However Michael has been known to be more around Mettaton in EX form. He claims it's purely coincidental but people are still making jokes about it.


During his travels, he heard a lot about the past from the only 2 friends, side characters, and he never really liked Asgore. Well, Michael had never went past the Core specifically the reason that he is now deathly terrified of his behaviour and past. He really doesn't want to die by someone couple feet taller than him. And it's no exaggeration that if he was needed there or past it, he won't go there.


Michael seems to be a normal person, but because of his backstory, he's always emotionally broken, as he's afraid people won't like him because of it. He only shows his true emotions to his Mom sometimes and Napstablook, since he's sorta like him.

When Michael does have emotions, he's very mixed, but always seems like a slightly immature and needy person. When things don't turn out in his favor, he doesn't know what to do after that. However, he strives to do great things and loves to create. He still deserves to be given a chance and guidance to do great things.



Theresa Carter - Mom (Divorced, lives with her)

Erik Carter - Dad (Divorced)

Alexis, or 'Lexii' Fillmore - Sister (Moved away)







(As in, only knows a little bit of, aren't friends but not enemies.)







Le Gume

(This section will update during RPs)


HP: 750

ATK: 10-20

DEF: 35


Michael's soul is Focus, which is lilac color, however, by reading below, it ain't the same.


This power is activated by swaying his hand forward in a massive motion. What happens is a huge gush of wind escapes his hand, making all "beam" or "non- solid" attacks go in the opposite direction of the beam. The angle will be the same, but the power will be a lot more.

E.g. Imagine someone shoots a beam at Michael. Michael would sway his hand forward hard causing a huge gust of wind that changes the direction of the beam opposite, hitting the person who fired at the beam instead. This is extremely important.

Shriek of Wind

Using his clarinet, if he were to blow incredibly hard into the instrument, the squeaky noise occurs and a stronger gust of wind is blown out of the horn. This does Windblast, but also pushes enemies back a couple feet.


From what you read at the top, Michael has a 5" dagger than hangs off in a sheathe from his jeans. His dagger was actually a weapon that his grandfather has used during the war. After the humans won, he put it away. Michael was 8 when his grandfather passed away, and the dagger was given to his father. His father gave him the dagger before he left after the divorce, and he has kept it for personal use. Of course the dagger can deal 10-12 DMG in battle but it has a special power that Michael doesn't even know yet since he hadn't fought. The dagger's blade is so sharp that if it is able to do critical damage of 12, it also does an effect where you slowly lose health afterwards. You would slowly lose 10 HP after that. Similar to Sans' poison - like effect when you get hit in Genocide run. But it's weaker.

His clarinet can be used for Shriek of Wind.


Michael has his dagger.

A journal which is filled with irrelevant bullshit. The other half of the pages is blank. This is where he will take notes about his experience in the Underground. If he died, the Notebook would vanish and re-appear under the hole that Michael had fallen down. (For somehow.) This is for the humans that also fall down for TORIEL/ASRIEL to find and know more, since Michael won't tell those people about it. A pencil would be in the rings. It keeps a grip on the pencil tightly, making it sort of difficult to pull out after death. However, in RPs, he'll use it rarely or not at all.

He also has a clarinet, that he took with for convenient reasons. He's a decent player, and is the conductor for Shriek of Wind. He does have limits on how much he plays, as he claims to had quit band since 8th Grade.

Alternate Universe

Non-Wiki AUS


In this AU, Michael's Mom dies before falling into Mt. Ebott, which results a failed attempt of suicide by falling into the Underworld. This causes his neck to look broken in a rainbow way, though his head is still upright. Without being noticed, he sneaks his way to Waterfall, and resides there. He remains docile for a long while, as he cried so much he ended up crying blood. His clothes are the same but his face is covered with wet and dry blood. Once interacted he will be sociable, despite the horrifying appearance.


Michael is extremely similar to Michael back then when I used to be a FNaF freak.

  • Michael's old battle sprite was created by an old friend. I did not make the sprite.
  • Why do you people want to know Michael's sexuality? Bisexual.
  • Michael has a high level of metabolism, meaning he will show down foods he likes, get seconds constantly and eat most of the snacks if meant for all of them.
  • Michael's theme song is this.
  • Michael's old theme song in Nuetral was my own version of Papers, Please. It's been changed for 2 reasons: 1. Song was simplified due to monthly premium over. It's been reduced from 7 instrumetns to 4. And 2., this theme sets the correct mood for Michael's depression.
  • This is Michael's "Happy" theme song.
  • This is Michael's genocide theme.
  • Each Sprite works was not created by me and was created by my friend on the first one, and a commissioner on DevaintArt for the second one, and the third being created by the same friend. Which is... genderbent? For some reason?
  • I want to thank ZeroByteS for the help to add a song in this page and my profile page. I give a lot to them.


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