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Property of Shadow Amethyst

Michael the Fox the result of a centuries old military weapons program perpetrated by the Surface Kingdom known as the Duchy of Mobus, a since defunct and morally bankrupt despotism that, during the Pureblood Wars, created a race of cybernetically enhanced super soldiers known as Beast Soldiers. Utilizing traces of animal DNA and the children of prisoners of war, the Duchy of Mobus created the Beast Soldiers as a form of super-weapon, fanatically obedient and savage warriors far beyond the ken of pureblood humans. Further augmenting their deadly capabilities, the Beast Soldiers were outfitted with experimental cyberweapons, mechanical enhancements that made the Beast Soldiers stronger, faster, and more durable than any purely organic lifeform.

However, Michael was one of the few who survived the Pureblood Wars, as the Duchy of Mobus was utterly exterminated by their neighbors, disgusted by the Dutchy's expansionist ways and inhuman experimentation upon their fellow man. Condemned to die by the whole of the surface, Michael fled for his life to the one place he knew no human would ever follow, Mt. Ebott.

Upon discovering the entrance to the Underground within Mt. Ebott, the fox leapt in without a second thought, eager to escape the world he once knew. However, he lost control of his movement in the air, and ended up smashing his face against the wall before landing hard on his side, damaging his cybernetic arm and rendering him unconscious on a bed of golden flowers. He was alone.

That is, until he was discovered by an odd, humanoid cat-like creature, named Ryuu. With his help, he was taken to Dr. Alphys, who managed to fix and slightly improve his cybernetic parts. Afterwards, the two gained a mutual respect for eachother, and quickly became friends. Since then, he resides mainly in Waterfall, where he meditates and trains with his Master, Valkir, to hopefully become a member of the Royal Guard, and give his life a new purpose.

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