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Miss Q is the Leiter of the Demons in the Underland. She is also the current leader of the third incarnation of the Richt Party, which is affiliated with the Cult of Richten. She is known for her strict policies against "Smurfs," or non-believers in Richter, and her somewhat awkward public speeches.


It is common for Demons to resemble Monsters more, but Miss Q is the opposite, as she looks more Human then the average Demon. She's a slim Demon with brown hair and light red eyes. Q's eyes are actually blue, but for reasons she wears contact lenses to change that. Of course, she keeps this a secret, even from her closest friends.

Q still has the standard black wings that Demons usually have. She wears a dark-greenish trench coat decorated with various metals and logos, all about her organizations, positions, and accomplishments. She wears matching pants and boots. Miss Q usually has makeup on, commonly done for her by the most professional makeup artist in the entire Cult of Richten (who is not Father, unfortunately).

For someone who often encourages Demons to be proud of their features, Miss Q tries hard to conceal them. Her hairstyle is specially done by, you guessed it, the best hairstylist in the Cult to cover up her horns. She does have a tail too, but it's covered by her trench coat and pants, obviously... right?

Miss Q has a Magenta SOUL of Leadership.
Magenta SOUL


Miss Q's sense of adventure almost rivals her extremism, but she tends to be cowardly when danger comes around, which lowers her tendency to explore. Of course, an extremist can't stop for nothing, but Q prefers to think out actions slowly. Still, when provoked, she acts rashly, and that might lead to a major mistake on her part. However, Miss Q has multiple advisers for in the case this happens... not that she'll actually listen to them though.

In her free time, that is, when she's not working on new operations and stirring up zealots, Q is rather lazy. She sleeps upside down in her house, like a bat, which is prone for her to suddenly fall down when she receives a loud report or call.

As any good leader should be, Miss Q is quite the narcissist. She loves compliments, and even the smallest compliment is proven to make her happy. Unfortunately, she doesn't give out compliments often, and in the rare case she does, it is oddly-phrased and bad.


This fanatic's story is somewhat tragic, which explains a lot about her today. Her mother was a Monster, and her father was a Human soldier who died at a bunker in the war. Q was originally an unnamed child, abandoned by her mother, who was quite embarrassed with having a child of the race that sealed her people in the Underground. She was found nearly starving by Father, who took her in to join his Cult of Richten. The Cult, along with the child Q, which was her lazilycreatively-given name, migrated to the Underland with the rest of the Demons. There, she was given an education and a happy life. She also was taught much about Richtenism by Father and the other cultists.

However, there came the time when the Demons' leader had succumbed to an illness. Apparently, drinking extensive amounts of the Underland's water wasn't healthy for him. It was strange however, he was like any other Demon, and no other Demons had the same reaction to the water. After dying, a few more members stepped up to look over the Demons, and Miss Q's life was relativity normal, for a Demon, that is. However, let's say she didn't really enjoy normal life, and wanted something new. She began to pack her bags, she was going traveling. Of course, there was also prosecution going on at the time against those who believed in Richter, so Q also wanted to get away from that.

Of course, Q ignored all warnings from the elders, and left to explore at the age of 18, because she knew better, obviously. When she arrived in the Underground, many Monsters mistook her for a Human in the distance, and she was forced to flee to avoid their wrath. At one point, some Monsters took extreme methods and tried to use gas to lure Q out of hiding. She was blinded, but she managed to escape into Waterfall, which ended the Monsters' hunt. Her adventure continued, but it ended abruptly at the door of the Ruins, which were firmly sealed. At that point, Q decided to head back to the Underland.

She returned to the Underland with great disappointment, but nevertheless, the Demons congratulated her on bravery anyways. As she was quite popular, Father and the Cult of Richten asked Miss Q to lead a failing political party that supported the Cult, which she gladly did. With her leading the Richt Party, Q was asked to chosen as the new Leiter, or leader, of the Demons, at the age of 24.

Once she was in power, Miss Q turned the tables on those who did not believe in Richter, and prosecution began against them. The non-believers were labelled "Smurfs," because of the mandatory blue mark they had on them to indicate that they weren't followers of Richtenism. And so, her reign continues, with the sponsorship of the Cult of Richten. Perhaps one day, someone, maybe a Human, will show up and change things...

Line between the new and old version is here.


Upon first entering battle with Miss Q, her first action will depend on the route. If the player is playing Pacifist, nothing will happen to their SOUL, but if the player is on a Genocide run, she will instantly turn their SOUL magenta, her special type.

With magenta, the player will passively take damage, with the only way to heal being to bump into bullets as they approach the player, which will cause their health to return to normal. Healing items only heal half their usual amount, to discourage using them.



HP - 550

ATK - 6

DEF - 4


HP - 1200

ATK - 8

DEF - 4



Miss Q will quickly glance at the player's SOUL, before slashing her wing down the right side. Just as it seems the attack has ended, she will do it again, this time with her left.

Miss Q will wink at the player with her right eye, and unleash a flurry of bullets from her right hand. When they reach the bottom of the screen, they will bounce back up for a moment before disappearing for real.

Miss Q will wink at the player with her left eye, and unleash a small blue laser that bounces around the arena. After a short moment, she will also release an orange laser. She uses this attack slightly less frequently than the others.


Miss Q will quickly open her jaws, and attempt to bite the arena. As her teeth pierce into it, small rocks fall down in an attempt to hit the player, their appearances are rather random, though they fall slowly.

Miss Q's eyes will flash briefly, before she launches lasers similar to Gaster Blasters out of them. During this attack, she laughs manically.

Miss Q bring her hands together and launch a stream of fiery bullets from them. They disappear if they hit the player, but the longer they're there for, the faster they go. If the player's SOUL is magenta, the bullets will attempt to dodge the player.

Miss Q will half-smile, and unleash one of the three Genocide attacks before converting the player's SOUL into it's original form. By doing this, she may use some of her Pacifist attacks on the player. She can change back at any time, though can still use some Pacifist attacks by doing so.


While fighting Miss Q, the player may Check, Flirt, Compliment or Insult her.

Sparing Her

To spare Miss Q, she must have been complimented and flirted with at least once. The player must then select Spare three times, on the third turn, she will choose to not fight them anymore.

Alternatively, the player can Insult her three times, where she will grow tired of them. The battle will end as soon as Spare is selected, but the player will no longer have access to the Underland.

Battle Text


*Miss Q prepares herself. (Encounter)

*Leader of the Demons, seems reluctant to fight. (Check)

*Miss Q puts on more lipstick. (Neutral)

*Miss Q stares at you. (Neutral)

*Miss Q takes a deep breath. (Before switching SOUL colour)

*Miss Q giggles. (Flirt)

*Miss Q blushes at the things you said. (Flirting a second time)

*Miss Q thanks you, but insists that you're not her type. (Flirting a third time, and anytime after that)

*Miss Q smiles warmly. Her attacks will do less damage. (Compliment)

*Miss Q folds in her wings. She's less willing to fight. (Complimenting a second time)

*Miss Q tries to ignore you. (Complimenting a third time, and anytime after that)

*Miss Q growls at you. (Insult)

*Miss Q sighs. You're just as bad as they say. (Insulting after Complimenting or Flirting with her)

*Miss Q wants to hug you. (Meeting spare conditions, the "nice" way)

*Miss Q tires of your presence. (Meeting spare conditions, the "mean" way)


*Miss Q drops down from above! (Encounter)

*Leader of the Demons, will fight until the end. Leaves cues before her attacks. (Check)

*Miss Q sharpens her teeth. (Neutral)

*Miss Q glares at you. (Neutral)

*Miss Q ignores you. (Complimenting or flirting with her)

*Miss Q twitches. Her attacks are more fierce! (Insult)

*Miss Q struggles to breathe... (Low HP)

*Miss Q's wings become droopy... (Low HP)


"Is this the human everyone's talking about...? Just a small child? I thought you'd be a little more grand, but... Um, we've been offered to, erm... Kill you. And we'll be allowed in the Underground again. Erm... Don't- Please don't take this personally, I'm sure you're a nice person, but, um... Sorry." (Pacifist, before Encounter)

"You... You really mean that...?" (Flirt, Pacifist)

"That's... Thank you." (Flirting a second time, Pacifist)

"Um... You are a little young..." (Flirting a third time and onward, Pacifist)

"All the better to see you with, my dear..." (Compliment, Pacifist)

"All the better to scratch you with, my dear..." (Complimenting a second time, Pacifist)

"..." (Complimenting a third time and onward, Pacifist)

"Don't be like that..." (Insult, Pacifist)

"It's nothing personal, really..." (Insult, Pacifist)

"Ugh... I don't even want to capture you anymore. Just... leave. (Insulting a third time, Pacifist)

"...And to think for a moment I actually liked you..." (Insulting after complimenting and flirting with her)

"You're the human everyone's talking about, aren't you?! I... was expecting something a bit more threatening, but... *ahem* Human! On behalf of Monsters and Demons everywhere, I WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN! ...I really hope that wasn't too generic..." (Genocide, before Encounter)

"..." (Flirt or compliment, Genocide)

"Grr..." (Insult, Genocide)

"Your words... mean, um... nothing to me!" (Second insult, Genocide)

"St- Shut up and DIE!" (Third insult and onward, Genocide)


  • Her name is a pun on the fact that she leaves visual cues before she attacks.
  • Originally, Miss Q was intended to be a Demonic equivalent to Toriel. This idea was scrapped early on in her creation.
  • She has a mild phobia of public speaking. She prefers to have other people say things for her, if she can.

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