"What is my purpose? Why do I feel so...empty?"~Morpheus as he awakens his his glass tank

Morpheus is a fanon Undertale OC, made by Lord Ghetsis. He is a genetically engineered and forgotten monster, created in True Lab. He is a hidden monster and can only appear in the True Pacifist Run if the player has killed a monster post game. He appears in the True Lab.


Intended as a weapon against mankind and an experiment of resurrecting monsters, Morpheus was formed of the dust of a skeleton and a goat monster, injected with Determination. However he was soon forgotten and left behind in his glass tank as the head scientist at that time had moved onto other experiments. Soon after his birth, he broke free of his tank and escaped the laboratory but not before discovering the other failed experiments in the lab. He went into hiding, attempting to find his true identity. Morpheus is a monster without a soul and is therefore not subject to the same vulnerabilities.


Morpheus resembles a slender, horned goat monster with a tail. He possesses 3 digit-toed feet though his hands have the usual 5-digits. His eyes often flash blue when using telekinetic power. Other than that, his eyes are black in colour.


Knowing that he was an abandoned experiment that was originally intended to be used as a tool, he is distrustful and hateful towards monsters and humans alike. However, true acts of bravery, selflessness or friendliness in general may allow people to gain his trust.


His main power is telekinesis, though he can use bone and fire attacks, due to being formed from the dust of a skeleton and goat monster.

Battle Stats

Being a monster created of Determination and the dust of a skeleton and Boss/goat monster, he boasts immense attacking power and health. (E.g. Toriel and Asgore both possess 80 Atk and 80 Def))

HP: 9000



In Battle

At 100% HP



"What is my purpose? Why do I feel so...empty?"~Morpheus as he awakens his his glass tank

"What is...this?" ~Upon seeing the other failed experiments

"So this is what I am...Another experiment. A tool to use and discard."~His revelation

"Monsters are no better than humans" ~Upon leaving the True Lab.

Theme -Upon fighting him


  • His character is based off Mewtwo from Pokemon