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Although it is never directly given, Mr. Vanish will tell the player about his childhood via his random encounters after sparing him. He speaks of himself in a third-person view, referring to himself as "the young boy."

His backstory is never given in order, but rather bits here and there, which when in order, make much more sense. It goes as this: "There once was a young boy, interested in magic. But he wasn't interested in pyromancy, sorcery, any those types of magic. No, he was interested in entertainment. The other kids laughed at the young boy, certainly what he wanted to do was ridiculous. Despite this, the young boy continued to practice everyday, and became rather skillful. He showed his mother and father what he could do, but at last, not even they excepted his interests. The boy thought there was only one solution: he had to disappear. And he did do that in the one way he could, he made himself invisible. But this made things only worse, when his mother and father found out, they left him. He tried everything, but to no avail, he found no way to reverse this magic, even with his masterful skills. So he wandered, stealing food from dumpsters, and sleeping in sheds. They say, even to this day, the young boy is still out there, trying to find someone that's appreciate his magic tricks."


Mr. Vanish is a tall, lanky humanoid being. As his name would imply, he is invisible. However, he often wears a domino mask, a top hat, and a large cap that usually covers his neck, down to his feet. Under this cape he wears a tuxedo and white gloves. His eyes glow a faint, white color.

Mr. Vanish often speaks in riddles and rhymes, and enjoys bringing happiness to others. Especially by showing off his magic tricks.



  • Monster Kid


  • N/A


  • Mettaton


  • N/A


Base Stats

HP: 7000

AT: 100

DF: 55








Mr. Vanish has a very unlikely chance of randomly appearing anywhere, talking to him will trigger a battle. Once encountered, if the player dies, he cannot be re-encountered until a True Reset.

After Battle

If the player spares him, he will once again randomly appear anywhere, but with a higher chance of appearing. When talked to, he will usually say something about his childhood, but indirectly. He can also mention some other situations, and even guide the player towards where they need to go. After his dialogue, he will give the player a Monster Candy.



  • 52 Card Pickup - Mr. Vanish casts a deck of cards into the air, which then fall down, if the player comes in contact with any of them, they will take damage.
  • Bunny Bombs - Mr. Vanish will take off his top hat and start to pull out what looks like a bunny, but is a cluster of bombs.
  • Blastoff - Mr. Vanish's glove will come off, and rocket towards the player's SOUL.
  • The Old Switch-a-Roo - One of Mr. Vanish's gloves will come off, and stay to the side of the hit box in a handgun shape. The player will actually take control of the glove, and be able to aim where it'll shoot. The glove will shoot projectiles at the player's soul, which is now white to imply Mr. Vanish is controlling it. The player must try NOT to hit their SOUL with the projectiles.
  • Hat Blaster - Mr. vanish's hat will fire a quick beam toward's the player's SOUL.


After a randomized amount of turns (usually 15-20), Mr. Vanish will stop attacking the player.


"So we finally meet, hm?" [First Encounter]

"Nice weather we're having, hm?" [Talk #1]

"I would show you some real tricks, but you wouldn't like them anyway." [Talk #2]

"You do realize I'm trying to kill you, right?" [Talk #3]

"Okay, seriously, stop this." [Talk #4]

"..." [Talk #5 and above]

"Oh, I'm so scared!" [Threaten]

"Let's see if your actions speak louder than words" [Threaten]

"If these are impressive to you, I'd have to show you some of my real tricks" [Applaud]

"I guess I really am scary..." [Cry]

Flavor Text

Mr. Vanish appears... how ironic [Encounter]

You attempt to talk to the towering figure [Talk]

You threaten the lanky man [Threaten]

You applaud the man's tricks [Applaud]

You ball your eyes out in front of him [Cry]


  • It's briefly mentioned in one of his random encounters that he tried to book a show at the MTT, but a "rectangle with wheels" denied him, most likely referring to Mettaton.
    • During another of his random encounters, he mentions how he often shows his tricks to "a striped kid," most likely referring to Monster Kid.

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