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Munja is a ffairy-like monster resembling a human with pointy ears and a large set of electric blue wings with bright yellow streaks. Her hair is very fair like her skin and kept very short so it  doesn't become too wild and unmanageable. As it is, it still spikes up, much to Munja' s irritation, but she has grown used to it.

Though Munja is very old, she does not age and therefore appears as a young woman in her early twenties. She typically wears a short blue dress that has slits in it for her wings and matches their color and is held up by thin straps. She wears a quartz crystal tied around her neck.

Munja has the ability to both control and produce electricity which she uses in battle. Static electricity flows throughout her entire body like blood. This means if you come into contact with any part of her body not covered by clothes, you will experience a shock unless you have some form of protection like rubber. Munja has however learned to control this effect enough focus but usually chooses not to as it keeps people away from her.


Munja could easily be described as an introvert. Throughout the years, she has learned to enjoy being alone and while a small part of her longs for companionship, she can't afford to let anyone get too close at the risk of her getting hurt or hurting them either emotionally or physically. Because of this, she doesn't talk much and gets very annoyed if people try to act overly friendly torwards her. She also doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

While Munja is typically cold, she had a soft spot for art. She spends a lot of her time making stone sculptures and painting pictures. She takes her creations to Temmie Village where she sells them at the shop. 


Munja was born shortly after the monsters were sealed underground. Her father was a soldier who was killed in the War and her mother died during childbirth. She was therefore placed in an orphanage. After a couple months, her powers began to develop causing her body to generate electricity. Every time a caretaker came into contact with an exposed area of skin without protection, they would receive a tiny shock. They therefore had to take extra precautions around her such as wearing gloves and keeping her away from others.

As she got older, they made sure her clothes covered as much skin as possible. This also meant she had to wear gloves at all times and have her wings bound down as an extra precaution. While the clothes came in handy when the orphanage moved to Snowdin, the other children all knew she was different. Many would tease her while others would stay away out of fear. And some would be nice to her simply out of pity. 

At the age of sixteen, Munja ran away from the orphanage and found a small cave in Waterfall lined with small, clear ctystals where she made her new home. She managed to find some basic essentials in the nearby dump including a simple bed and blankets, some cookware, and some scissors to keep her otherwise wild and static filled hair short and manageable.

For the first time in her life, she felt free. She began to learn to control her magic rather than hide behind clothing. As time passed, she also found a new dress to replace her old tattered clothes she'd worn for so long and freed her wings from their bindings. She dug a crystal from ths wall of the cave and tied it around her neck with a strip of fabric from her old clothes to remind her of the obstacles she overcame. As hopeful as this sounds however, she continued to stay away from other monsters, only leaving her cave for brief periods to get some fresh air or supplies. 



  •  Unknown Mother:Died in childbirth
  • Unknown Father: Killed in the War


  • Xander and Morlock: Munja ran into the two in Waterfall. While Morlock was afraid of her, Xander managed to win her over by being friendly but respectful. After Munja showed Xander her art, he brought Morlock to see and the three bondrd.
  •  Korriet: The two met once after she had overheard his music and gone to investigate. He then convinced her to hang out. She was surprised to discover she actually enjoyed herself.


  • Gerson: Munja visits his shop when she has money and will occasionally make small talk. 
  • Temmie: Munja often sells her art to her. 


  • TBD

Romantic Interest 

Dextra: Munja met Dextra on her way back from Temmie Village. She initially treated her like everyone else but soon grew to appreciate her cute looks and personality. After Dextra gave Munja a gift including clothes, a blanket and art supplies, she finally decided to go on a "date." The two then admitted their feelings and have been together since. 


  • HP: 350
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 15
  • EXP On Kill: 30
  • Gold on Win: 15


Check, Hug, Flirt, Talk



"At the orphanage where i grew up, they used to tell us stories about humans." Turn 1

"They told us of kind humans who accomplished heroic feats." Turn 2

"It was a nice break from the reality wwe all knew." Turn 3

"Most of us had lost our families to the humans." Turn 4

"Tell me something, little one. Are you a hero or a murderer?" Turn 5

"Well?" Neutral 

"What do you think you're doing?" Hug

"Didn't you learn the first time?" Hug 2+ 

"I'm not interested." Flirt

"It's better if I just stay out here by myself." Talk

"Look, I don't need your pity. Just fight me or go." Talk 2

"You're really stubborn, aren't you?" Talk 3

"Okay. If you leave me alone, I'll be your friend, deal?" Talk 4

"..." Talk 5+ 

"Well, I guess that answers my questiom." 0 HP

Flavor Text

She doesn't seem to be very friendly. [Check]

You hug Munja. Her skin gives you a shock. Your defense drops. It's quite.......surprising. Hug

You attempt to hug her again. She pushes you  away. It's shocking. There, I said it. Happy? Your defense still drops. Hug 2 

You tell Munja she is strikingly beutiful. She rolls her eyes. Flirt 

You ask Munja why she's living out here by herself. Talk

You tell her that no one should have to be alone.Talk 2

You say you want to be her friend. Talk 3

You tell her you're not stubborn, you're DETERMINED. Talk 4

You couldn't think of anything else to say. Talk 5+

Munja's wings are drooping. Low HP


  • Munja means lightning in Bosnian.
  • Munja and Dextra are the first same sex pairing I've ever had. 


Thanks to Dove of Death for giving me constructive feedback.


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