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In his Timeline,Myke was frisk's friend who had found a liabrary from the times of the war between humans and monsters, including books Called "This War Is Good For Nothing" and "If They Get A Soul". After finding a map to MOUNT EBBOT Myke became curious about what they were like, so he had frisk lower him down with a long rope, but it slipped out of Frisk's hands and frisk dove in after it, and so the adventure began untill Frisk wanted genocide where something later erased the timeline, he escaped and went between timelines. he can do magic, but not always very well. Myke reads almost ANY book he can find, and he is a speed reader so he reads about a minimum of 3 books a day. Myke always compliments froggits for some reason, and he also attempts to spare a final froggit after complimenting it before mystifying it. -NOTE- this info is in an AU I haven't completed the idea for.

Something I have yet to name (And IS probably gonna be a Roleplay at some point)

So, in a timeline normal Myke never visits, Myke comes down after a Genocide run and attempts to help the remaining monsters by doing all kinds of tasks ranging from putting bandages on a froggit to helping Alphys reasearch DETERMINATION. in this timeline, all the souls escaped the jars they were put in and are trying to put a stop to Frisk's stabbing of things left and right, and usualy mistake Myke for Frisk when they first meet him. Chara's soul is the first soul Myke encounters but is trying to keep a sustanable amount of DETERMINATION flowing into Asriel's soul (A weak theory I came up with to explain Asriel reappearing in the true pacifist route). The Orange and Cyan souls appear next in the snowdin forest and ambush Myke with Orange and Blue attacks. The Blue soul appears in Snowdin town using similar attacks on myke to the Omega flowey fight's blue soul attacks (yes it's jump mode). the Green soul appears more as more of an Overworld character than anyhing else, the purple soul acts simalar to Mettaton but also replaces Muffet because of trap mode. the Yellow soul appears in New home and shoots things as an attack, but goes to an almost sans-like first special attack. Myke learns some magic to revive flowey and give Asriel a body again. And than the final battle is a battle with a level 23 frisk who almost takes down Asriel in his God of Hyperdeath state, and thats all im putting here untill i make the Roleplay.


Aquamarine which is a kind of mix between kindness curiosity. the soul greener than the cyan/aqua soul so dont get it confused.

In battle, Myke may occasionaly set your soul to this color, the effects are you are twice as fast and for every action you do (Besides using an item or certain Acts) slow you down by 0.5% normal speed on the battlebox, to increase speed by 5%(10% normal speed), use a an (Act). The battle effect for this soul is meant to represent stamina. cooking the instant noodles sets your speed to the percentage at the beggening of the soul's mode getting activated (200% normal speed) because it takes FOREVER to cook. you cannot use fight if the speed drops to the minimum of 10% top speed. Myke uses this soul typicly as it is put under the soul tab so RELAX, Myke is stalling for time and puts the opponent on a more equal level. Myke may Occasionaly pass out during battle because of the stamina draining effect the soul's battle mode has.


Beam blast

Myke fires two beams near the edges of the bullet box, than the other edge,than an orange beam that shoots the center.


Myke slashes a line shaped like / than onother shaped like \, meant to represent the fight action


Myke shoots blue and orange hearts that look like souls on half of the bullet box,the warning icon does appear before this and before each time he does it again (2 more times)


ATK:15 (30 in Genocide)

DEF:20 (99 in Genocide)

HP:20 (30 in MTT hotel)

EXP on kill:20


Check:A Human From Another Timeline


uh... hello? (first turn ACT)

*Myke dosn't really look like he wants to fight (Flavor text)

Not much for mercy, are ya? (if you choose fight on first turn)

Quit it! (if fight is chosen again)

WOW you are so good at sucker punches (Sucker punch)

*Myke Thinks you stink at sucker punching (Flavor text after Sucker Punch)

Why are you just jumping? (Jump)

*Myke is confused (Flavor text after Jump)

What would happen if...? (Rare text that requires pun to spare)

Wanna hear my impression of sans?

I want ketchup.  (After prev. quote)

I don't even know why he likes ketchup (After prev. quote)

It's kinda weird... (After prev. quote)

Dont tell him i said that! (After prev. quote)

*Myke is letting you make the first move. (Occasional encounter flavor text)



Sucker punch (always Misses)





  • Myke was originaly a character I made that slowy developed in the roleplay game I play on sometimes.
  • Myke originaly had outertale frisk's sprite.
  • Myke was made before I knew what outertale was.
  • Myke was in an animation (that wasn't released) using the same overworld sprite as currently with frisk eyes.
  • In the animation, he used the overword sprite's head for speech due to the battle sprite's nonexistence.
  • In the animation, Myke had a generic white human soul.
  • In the future, expect to see another OC in the friends tab, a̶s̶ ̶w̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶i̶f̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶y̶k̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶i̶d̶l̶e̶
  • A gif for myke's idle is a new addition to the page.


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