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Natis Prosec was the General of the First Human Army during the war between Humans and Monsters. He is said to be one of the main contributors to the War, and was the one that suggested trapping the monsters in the Underground. He is the true identity of the Dark Corpse.

He is only encountered at times when the Dark Corpse's Black Soul becomes on the verge of turning back to normal, or when he is successfully 'revived'.


Born approximately 25 years before the war, Natis Prosec was a kind-hearted child with great physical build. He prospered in education, especially in battle strategy. Over the years, he proved to be very capable in leadership and combat. The ruler of the Humans eventually appointed Natis Prosec as the General of the First Human Army.

About one year before the war, Natis Prosec met a nice monster, who was the Duchess of the Gorgons, named Lora. They eventually became friends, and became well connected, to the point of romance. However, it was soon discovered that Monsters could absorb Human SOULs, and the two races were soon at War. The two argued with each other, and with a supposed assassination of Natis's parents, Natis soon learned to hate the Monsters, and split away from Lora.

Over the next two years, the monsters and humans fought, Natis leading the humans into battle. During the final battle, Natis was mortally wounded by Asgore in combat. As Natis slowly began dying... he told the humans to cast the barrier onto the monsters. The barrier was cast when the monsters went underground, and Natis soon died afterwards.

Approximately 10 years before the events of Undertale, a experiment in the First Human Village (Primum Castellum) arose, named the 'Reincarnation Experiment'. It was to test the powers of an essence named 'Forgetting', an essence that came with certain SOULs. A human named Marcos Raw was tested on by this, and re-gained the personality and knowledge of Natis Prosec.

After the experiment, he attacked the scientists and set out towards Mt. Ebott... with the new goal of reaching LV 21. He wanted to torture to reach this power... he intended to destroy the ENTIRE planet... He had become the Dark Corpse.


Natis Prosec was a human, at 7 feet tall. He had short black hair, with brown eyes. His skin was white, with a slight tan. He had some large muscles, like any soldier would have developed in the Army. He had mostly perfect white teeth, with a single yellow tooth.

He wore a large set of armor that was made of steel, iron, and gold, styled in an Roman way. He wielded a large battle axe in one hand (Which is impressive), and a large square shield in the other. He bears a Red Soul of Determination.




  • Asgore and the Monsters
  • N/A


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  • TBA

Romantic Partner(s)

  • Lora (Former Love Interest)


Base Stats

HP: 0/20000

AT: 99

DF: 0 (It's real, hit him and he's back down to 0 HP)


AT: Heart Battleaxe - 99 AT. Natis's attacks are devastatingly strong, and only so many creatures can withstand such blows.

DF: Black Soul - 0 DF. Natis is still under the effects of the Black Soul. Spare him, don't fight him!


Check, Hug, *Go Back

Note: * means that the option will only be available later on in the battle.


Natis is only encountered in a True Pacifist Route, being the only Final Form of the Dark Corpse with the Black Soul's effects still active. Time for the last piece of Mercy...


Natis calls the souls of his old soldiers to battle, and the bullet board's walls become covered in spikes. He gets the soldiers to move the bullet board around pretty quickly, forcing the soul to remain in the center in order to be untouched.

Natis focuses his energy to the stars, casting down Sunbeams at the Soul, and at the ground. Basically a mix of Omega Flowey's Tentacle Attack and Asriel's Shock Breaker Attack.

Natis casts a MEGA fire storm onto the bullet board, releasing all the patterns of fireballs that the Dark Corpse has casted before.

Natis sends the Soul back in time temporarily, to face a special/ultimate attack from one of the previous bosses.

Natis increases the size of the bullet board, and jumps into it, releasing a hellstorm of bullets as he tries slashing at the Soul himself.

Natis sometimes latches onto the soul with a chain from his shield, slowing it down by 40%, and damaging it by 1 HP for every 2 seconds. Can be shaken off by moving rapidly.

Natis sometimes swings at the soul with his battleaxe at the end of one of his attacks, being orange or cyan. Being hit by the battleaxe would instantly decrease the HP down to 1.


To spare Natis, you must fully increase his HP to the maximum. Hugging is the only beginning ACT option to increase his HP, as he is too stubborn to listen to intimidation or persuasion. Eating the Pomegranate given by Lora will immediately increase Natis's HP by a quarter, as it reminds him of her. Once the HP is increased to two-thirds, you can use the 'Go Back' option to remind Natis of EVERYTHING that has happened, which will immediately increase his HP to about 98%. From here, Sparing will increase the last two percent and finally stop Natis.



"Heh... never thought I'd see these hands again. Greetings, determined one. It's me, the one who caused all of this... the War, the Barrier..." [Encounter]

"You know, destroying the world seems to be... not satisfying. I think going back to the War... and destroying ALL of the Monsters sounds like a MUCH better idea." [First Attack]

"MY ALLIES, FOLLOW MY LEAD!" [Moving the Bullet Board Attack]

"Hey now, I'M the rockstar here!" [Sunbeam Attack]

"It's just making you burn up, isn't it?" [Fire Storm Attack]

"Don't you want to go back too?" [Past Ultimate Attack]

"Let's see what it's like when I'M in the picture" [Natis Jumps In Attack]

"...Where did you get that from? It reminds me of someone..." [Eating the Pomegranate]

"I feel... familiar. What is this feeling inside of me?" [Two Thirds of HP filled]

"...What?! My old soul is beating... NO! I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!" [Go Back]

"Away from me, or I will instantly DESTROY YOU!" [Spare after Go Back #1]

"...Determined one. Please... it's for my parents... it's even for you too." [Spare after Go Back #2]

"Just..." [Sparing COMPLETE]

Flavor Text

Natis Prosec has brought on the true final battle of the War. [Encounter]

The ghosts of Natis's old soldiers can be heard. [Moving the Bullet Board Warning]

The stars can be seen glowing past the ground... [Sunbeam Attack Warning]

Natis has orange flames glowing in his hands. [Fire Storm Attack Warning]

You remember the past fights that have happened... [Past Ultimate Warning]

Natis looks determined... maybe even more determined than YOU! [Natis Jumps In Warning]

You hugged Natis Prosec to no avail. His HP rises slightly. [Hug]

You eat the Pomegranate. Natis's expression changes... his HP rose by a quarter! [Eating the Pomegranate]

You know... I think it's time to go back. [Go Back Ready]

You reminded Natis Prosec of everything good that has happened... from before the War, to the events of this journey... Natis suddenly remembers, his HP rising sharply! [Go Back]

... [Sparing Time]



  • Natis Prosec is actually an anagram for 'Saint Corpse'.
  • If the True Pacifist Route is completed, one of two things will happen to Natis. He may remain corrupted by the Black Soul, still being the Dark Corpse. Or he will finally cope with the past, and move on... and ultimately get married to the love of his life, Lora. Agroid, Lora, and Nimir Numah will all be satisfied if Natis is satisfied.


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