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"Oh god what am I going to do?! I'm now a demon fugitive?! And I thought being a monster fugitive was bad!"
―Needleteeth, during the Unending War.[|[src]]

The Gentle Gargoyle

Considered kind though clumsy, WingDings Needleteeth, also known as "Needle", is a skeletal gargoyle, known for being a big, scary skeleton, but inside, being a kind, friendly and fragile person. 

He always flies around, searching for things to do and people to help, but, in the end, he always finds himself completely bored, acting like a statue on rooftops. His past is almost unknown, being known only by Monster Kid and his family.

He can be fought during the Genocide Run.


Needleteeth is a very loud monster. He exaggerates in every situation possible, and he screams a lot. His sanity is questioned by those around him and by himself. Needle is overall unstable, and will yell at someone for the tiniest of things.

At times, he's prideful, nice and happy, but this can be easily destroyed if he's annoyed, pissed off or just hurt.


Needleteeth has a really deep and raspy voice, with a very slight touch of texan accent, and a little bit of britanic, mixed in with italian, due to his gargoyle nature.


Needleteeth was previously an inanimate statue at the top of the Human King's castle. Thanks to a mysterious warlock, he's been brought to life as a bloodthirsty creature. After months and months of training and taming, Needleteeth became more "civilized", and was hired to be one of the first Monster guards in the Human Kingdom, assigned to the Primum Castellum a guard.

After an accident involving human SOULs, Needleteeth has been asked to take paid vacation. After his arrival in the Monster Kingdom, he has been harassed, and has taken refuge in Asgore's castle. Since then, he has been good friends with the Dreemurr family. He was chosen to be a royal guard in the Monster Kingdom before the war. When the war broke out, he was forced to be on the side of humans, and fought against the monsters, reluctantly.

When the Monsters lost and Asgore backstabbed Natis, the humans thought Needleteeth had done it. One human specifically, in a rampage, ripped him to shreds and dumped him before summoning the barrier, to where the monsters were banished.

Due to remains of the human SOUL still being inside him, it took ages for him to turn into dust. His flesh started to rot, and soon enough, disappeared. All that was left was bones, and pieces of his armor. The pieces that hadn't been taken were beside his body.

Asriel had found the remains. He took them to Toriel and, shocked, she took them to Needle's adoptive brother, Wingtrap. Wingtrap, mournful, decided to give his own life in order for Needleteeth to survive. He headed to W. D. Gaster with his remains and lent him his SOUL, his body donated to Alphys for an important experiment.

Gaster started to work on Needleteeth, renaming him "WingDings Needleteeth" or "W-DG #92-A", as shown on his handplate. He did many tests to him, and taught him how to speak in Wingdings. After he was revived, Needleteeth was released into the world, only to find other skeletons, Sans and Papyrus. He asked them if he could live with them, but they sadly said that there was no room.

Needleteeth decided to live on the roof, and has been living his life happily, until he was re-hired to be a Royal Guard, getting his own home hanging from the Underground's ceiling, above the Capital.

In certain roleplays, Needleteeth has been seen fired or retired, but they're not canon.



Needleteeth is very caring about his best friend, Monster Kid, and always protects him, whenever and wherever is possible. He currently lives in Sans and Papyrus' house, on the roof, acting like a decoration.



Kerua, Kernel, Mersmis, Isosceles ("Best Friend"), Filler Froggit, Lesser Temmie, Valkir, Avv, Ryuu,


Hitaishoneko (Mortal Nemesis), Annoying Dog, Jerry, Gilbert


Juniper, Lewis, Queen Clementia (Queen), Nimir Numah (Former Superior), Natis Prosec (Former Commander),


Wingtrap (Adopted Brother), Warskull (Master/Brother)

Romantic Partners

None. Developing aromanticism.


(OOC: I apologise if it is too powerful. Please change if overpowered.)

HP: 5500

Attack: 40

Defense: 50

EXP on Kill: 140

Gold on Win: 230

ACTs: Check, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray

LCTN: Snowdin, Home, New Home, CORE, The Barrier


(OOC: I apologise if it is too powerful. Please change if overpowered.)


Needleteeth's weapon is a magical club made of bones. He swings at the player using orange and blue, and sometimes, green bones fall from it.


Needleteeth can use bones, gravity manipulation, SOUL mode changing and other skeleton-related abilities, but he also has certain unique abilities.


Needleteeth, having wings, has the ability to fly around freely and flap his wings to create power waves. He uses that as an attack, and that is the most used attack that he has.


Needleteeth can use his tail as some sort of whip, which changes from orange to blue when he attacks. This attack is the most rare and also one of the most dangerous.

Hope Consumer

Needleteeth's SPECIAL ATTACK. His sprite will disappear, and his bullet sprite will appear, saying that he will defeat you himself. He will go around the screen, trying to chomp the SOUL. If you are hit by this attack, it's a one-hit death.


At the start, everything you can do is pray. If you pray enough, he'll feel bad and, at one point, will spare you. You will have the option to either betray him or spare him. The chance is a 50/50.

If he does not die, his skull will crack and a hole between his eye sockets will open, revealing a third eye, which will glow green, thus increasing his Attack and Defense. 
Oh yes

Bad times are ahead

If you do manage to kill him, he will start weeping and try to make the player feel bad, right before his soul is destroyed.

If you straight up attack him, he will attack back, while trying to make the player feel bad. He will start blaming the player for all the bad things in both the Underground and the Surface.

He evaporates the Item button after Betrayal.

During Betrayal, you can only fight, since you receive damage when clicking the "Mercy" button, and is thrown straight into battle.

During battle, he will use the exact same attacks, except faster, and his SPECIAL ATTACK is more frequent.

Soul Mode

Needleteeth can change your heart mode into "Bistre SOUL" mode. When first used, the bullet board will shatter, and your SOUL is free to roam around the screen. Not only that, your buttons are scattered everywhere as well.

To ACT, you must hover over the enemy's sprite's head and select an action using a menu. To FIGHT, all you gotta do is hover over the enemy and press Z. Your SOUL will turn into a crosshair and it will fly everywhere in the screen. If you press Z anywhere but on your enemy's sprite, you will miss. If you press Z on your enemy's sprite's arm, hand, legs or belly, you will do small to medium damage. If you press Z on your enemy's sprite's head, it will get a critical hit.

For ITEMs, you just have to press X while outside of dialogue. In MERCY, for you to flee, you have to hover out of the screen, and a bit of dialogue will appear. There is a slight chance that an extra scene will trigger. For you to SPARE, you just have to select "SPARE" in the action menu.

While the enemy is attacking, it jumps out of the screen and uses its attacks normally, twice as powerful and fast.

This happens only if he has survived Betrayal during Genocide.


  • Needleteeth was the first Original Character in the Undertale RP Wiki community, if not one of the first, or the second.
  • (Headcanon)(SPOILERS) It is speculated that the one of the heads that fight alongside Sans during the Genocide Run might be Needleteeth's previous head.
  • Needleteeth, like other skeletons, speaks in the font which his name originated.
  • In Needleteeth's original battle, he wore armor, only for it to break during betrayal. This feature has been removed after Needleteeth's battle sprite update.

Flavour Text

Normal Battle

"Needleteeth stands in your way!" -Encounter

"Your worst nightmare." -Check

"Dust particles are hovering about." -General Quote

"The broken SOULs are screaming into your ears." -General Quote

"You pray and hope for the best, but nobody answered." -Pray #1-19

"You pray one last time..." Pray #20

"Your prayers have been answered." -After being able to spare

"Needleteeth throws a deadly magic bone, and deals 10 DMG. Looks like MERCY is useless for this battle." -Spare before praying


"The only true monster down here is you." -General Quote

"Voices in your head tell you to fight." -General Quote

"The blood on your knife and the dust in your hands won't be washed off so easily." -General Quote

"They are waiting." -General Quote

"You are wasting your time reading this." -General Quote

"This is it." -General Quote

"Look at what you've done." -General Quote


Normal Fight

"...You... You killed them all. Everything that was in your way, no matter what it was... you killed it. You sicken me, you disgusting little creature, you. Hahahah... And here I was, thinking that humans were nice. So foolish of me... Everything that UNDYNE told me.... they were all lies. Hah... you're a sick child. Y'know, I don't care about humanity anymore... they're all just rats anyway. Well, turns out ASGORE was right. But no matter... I will stop you. The others might be dead... but I am still here. I am this world's FUTURE. I am this world's HOPE. I will not let it die by your hands." -Encounter

"Where's your God now?" -Pray #1

"So pathetic..." -Pray #2

"That's right! Cry for help, you worm!" -Pray #3

"But nobody came. Because nobody loves you." -Pray #4

"..." -Pray #5-9

"You look... worried... what's wrong? Regret killing everyone on your way?! You're so pathetic. If you expect me to spare you, you're wrong!" -Pray #10

"... ..." -Pray #11-19

"I'm... sorry... I just thought that... everyone that I loved is gone... I thought you wanted to do this... but you're being forced, aren't you? THEY are making you do this. You're struggling to control it. You're not fighting me... you're fighting them... I forgive you, <character's name>. Come here."

"Finally... thank you. After all this time fighting... we can finally forget this... NOT." -Spare after 20 prays.

"How could you...? After redeeming yourself, you just... You're not like the others... You're empty. You're hollow. You're a void... I thought they were controlling you... no... you wanted to see me suffer... well, I've got news for you... I AM THIS WORLD'S HOPE. I WILL NOT LET IT DIE." --Attack, Betrayal, Survive

"...Hah.... so that's it, huh? ...That's the end of the path... for me... Mark, my words, you devil... you will... regret this decision... h-hah... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!" --Attack, Betrayal, Death

Betrayal Fight

"Let's see what your DETERMINATION can do against THIS, little traitor!" -Betrayal, Post-Transformation

"You WILL perish." -Betrayal, General Quote

"After you die by my hand..." -Betrayal, General Quote

"...I will save everyone!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"Our HOPES AND DREAMS shall return!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"And you won't harm anybody else..." -Betrayal, General Quote

"No matter how many times you RESET or SAVE..." -Betrayal, General Quote

"...I will come back to defeat you." -Betrayal, General Quote

"I always do." -Betrayal, General Quote

"Now... prepare yourself! For my SPECIAL ATTACK!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"I know, I know. Many people have this special attack..." -Betrayal, General Quote

"But you know what? I have to use it..." -Betrayal, General Quote

"Here it comes! Get ready!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"You... didn't fall... b-but you will!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"I am DETERMINED to kill you!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"Y-You... f-fool... j-just give up!" -Betrayal, General Quote

"No... Impossible! I failed... I could've saved everything... but I failed... And you, human... no... WHATEVER YOU ARE... you are a killing machine... that runs on dust and blood... Mark my words, you devil... You... will regret... this... decision..." --Attack, Betrayal Survive, Dying


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Don't Play With Needles -Fan Lyric Video- (Request)-003:06

Don't Play With Needles -Fan Lyric Video- (Request)-0

Acupuncture -Fan Lyric Video- (Request)05:43

Acupuncture -Fan Lyric Video- (Request)

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