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Nehile, also known as the Debaucherous Rose, is a dangerous and vile creature with the mentality of 'living like everyday is your last.'

Warning: This character is not for the faint of heart. Despite nothing being described, there is a reason that Nehile is known as a vile creature.


Nehile is rather uncanny sight. At first glance he appears to be a monster, but upon closer inspection he is a much more humane sight. Nehile's skin is greyed and his eyes orange, with dark scars in the shape of strange markings all over his skin. His lips are a very dark grey and his eyes have dark circles and black eyeliner underneath. Between his eyes, he has a rather birdlike nose. Nehile also has sunken cheeks and a red gemstone embedded in his forehead.

Neville's apparel is dark, reflecting a dark theme. He wears black robes, faded to a grey, with pale red swirls coming from the bottom. Under the heavy robes, Nehile wears a black jerkin over a dark red shirt and black pants as well. The robe he wears has a dark red trim as well, as red is the colour of blood, a sight not uncommon for Nehile.


Nehile, perhaps, once was human. He was a gambler born somewhere in Nevada and, like many gamblers, he resolved to go to Vegas. Unfortunately, his funds were low and he went instead to the city of Reno. After a blurry night of alcohol, gambling, and sex, the man's car broke down. He had lost all of his money and, unfortunately, had no way to make it home and began walking through the desert to make it home. Stumbling through the sand, he attempted to find shelter from the raging desert sun.

After collapsing in the middle of the night, he felt the sand begin to sink in, and he saw a creature. Standing above him as the sand bound his limbs was a creature who introduced himself as Saturday. Saturday appeared as a twelve foot tall, slender man with dark skin and long, black fingernails. He wore a black suit and top hat with a purple feather, and had a white skull painted on his face. Saturday lifted Nehile from the sand and said that as long as Nehile spread death, Saturday would be at his command. Nehile requested to be brought to safety, and was immediatly pulled under the sand by what seemed like skeletal hands.

Nehile's suit was torn and faded, and his skin greyed. He seemed to be in some sort of enormous cave, but there was snow everywhere. He stood up, and was immediately grabbed by Saturday who began to grace h skin with the touch of a blade. Nehile was given markings all over him, and given robes as well. Nehile was told by Saturday that he is free to do whatever he wants, and Nehile was perfectly happy. He would, from then on, replicate the feeling from the last night he had on earth, filling his days with alcohol, gambling, and sex, with a little murder in the mix. Nehile had went on to begin controlling a cult of others that Saturday had brought to him, convincing them of an impending doomsday.


Nehile, as mentioned before, is a dangerous and vile creature. He is much more monstrous than even a monster, and has committed many unspeakable acts.

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