Neppato (nɛpɑtoʊ), known as TikiTiki on the UnderNet, is a humanoid monster who originated in Waterfall. They currently reside in The Canyon, awaiting the player at the end and politely testing their strength. They are spoken of often in The Canyon, being the chief of the large village located there.



Neppato is a short, humanoid monster with dark skin. They have pastel blue hair - specifically in a bob haircut. They don a lilac jacket over their torso with a sun graphic printed on the bottom-right of the jacket, a blue towel wrapped over their left shoulder. Her hands are claw-like - alongside her toes. Furthermore, she has an orange skirt with a purple layer barely visible underneath. No footwear is to be seen worn.


Neppato is a carefree girl, living her life happily. They are often joyful and seem to barely become sad or serious. They can act rather childish - but when the time comes, they will be rather stern and try to mask their bursting and seemingly out-of-place joy. They are incredibly extroverted and absolutely love social activities. Fittingly, they are open about surfing and can go on for hours about how great it is, willing to teach others. With that, they understand at times that happiness is not the right approach and will act sad, albeit always trying to be the primary source of help. In fact, they love to help no matter what, even if it can be somewhat destructive to her body or domicile. This help usually supports her home, though, as she helps protect it.


Neppato has quite a mundane past, being raised in Waterfall as her current home has not been found - or built - yet. As her new home was discovered by her own parents, it was found fitting that they would rule over said part of the Underground. They sadly passed away of old age shortly after and left their daughter, Neppato, in charge. She was mainly in charge of agriculture, only turning to managing civilians when an advisor she personally chose sorted out a plan and suggested it. This advisor was, in fact, her own sister - who was born a couple of years after.


Chartreuse/Red Paint

This attack can be used randomly, albeit the Chartreuse version will be used on the first turn every time. In this attack, Neppato grabs a large paintbrush with the respective color paint all over the brush itself. They swipe the paintbrush over the board, removing the paint from the brush and filling the board with the correlating color. As it swiftly fades out, your SOUL color will either be your regular red or Chartreuse.

Tribal Spears

Tribal Spears is an attack where the attack box widens. From north, west, east and south, 'prehistoric' spears will fall and try to strike your SOUL. Spears will not go away once they hit you, rather they will strike through you. As it continues, the box becomes smaller.




  • Her name is Japanese, written as ねっぱと かんぱ in said language. When translated, it means Happy Birthday (according to Google Language).
  • Neppato will never send your HP to 0, similarly to Papyrus. She will simply tell you to go off and get stronger.
    • This is due to her fight simply being a test of strength and not an actual fight.

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