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Not so long ago, when Ajax was still young, he was pretty lonely, Forias noticed this and decided to make him some "siblings". She researched a way to somehow make beings for him just so he wouldn't feel lonely whenever she was conducting experiments. Forias then came across her old storage, back from when she was really young, samples that she collected near the end of the war, she was surprised that it was still there. It was human blood, a small amount but perhaps enough to make at least 3 companions for her "son".

A year passed, then two, then three, then four...five years passed, and the sisters were finally made, and Forias only had 23 years left to live. She christened them, Nerissa, Klarissa and Cressida.

Forias was scared, that perhaps someone could mistake them as human, and try to attack them, so she had to somehow teach them to fight. So she visited the mage in Waterfall and had her teach them magic. However, their bodies were too weak, and the magic was straining, so in return, they had to sacrifice something to prevent them from being in too much pain. So they sacrificed each of their eye. You know what happens from here, they learn magic, they hide their eye with bangs and they generally have a happy life.

It was all going really good until Ajax decided to steal Forias' experiments when they turned 18. They follow him and leave Forias.

They eventually build a bakery and a house for a few months and live there, but Ajax was nomadic, and always moved around so they haven't seen him that much. However, when they found out about Forias' bounty on Ajax, they were furious and eventually started to hate her.







Cressida - Her "younger" sister. She is more skilled in physical attacks than magical attacks.

Klarissa - Her "older" sister. She is more skilled in magical attacks than physical attacks.

Ajax - Her brother. Cares about him a lot.

Forias - Her creator.


  • HEALTH: 8000
  • ATK: 30
  • DEF: 30







"Human...hope you understand what I gotta do.."

"Haha..yeah, hi" [TALK]

"I'm good, but talkin really isn't gonna help you, by the way" [TALK 2]

"..." [TALK 3..]

"Alright, then it's a deal" [CHALLENGE..]

"...pfft.." [JOKE]

"Hehe.." [JOKE 2]

"Alright, alright, you got me, you're funny" [JOKE 3..]

"Hope you're ready" [CHECK..]

Flavor Text

Here she comes. [ENCOUNTER]

You greet her. [TALK]

She hesitantly greets back [POST-TALK]

You try to talk to her, asking about how she was. [TALK 2]

She doesn't really seem like she wants to talk. [POST-TALK 2]

You try talking to her again. [TALK 3..]

She doesn't respond. [POST-TALK 3..]

Naifu seems hesitant.

You tell her to keep it coming. [CHALLENGE..]

She smiles. The attacks get faster. [POST-CHALLENGE..]

You tell her a funny joke you've heard [JOKE]

She chuckles, though she tries to hide it. [POST-JOKE]

You tell her another joke. [JOKE 2]

This time she actually laughs. [POST-JOKE 2]

You tell her yet another joke. [JOKE 3..]

She doesn't seem to want to fight anymore, laughing a bit. [POST-JOKE 3..]

Naifu doesn't want to fight anymore. [SPAREABLE]


Hail of Blades - Naifu send knives and other blades raining down the Bullet Box

Crossbows - A cross bow goes around the Bullet Box, shooting knives with different properties.

  • Grey - Invisibility, once hit with this knife, the soul turns invisible for 5 seconds, giving Naifu a clear shot.
  • White - Paralyze, once hit with this knife, the soul is paralyzed for a few seconds, giving Naifu a clear shot
  • Black - Vision, once hit with this knife, the screen darkens for a split second and Naifu gives out at least 3 damage

Bullet Hell - Crossbows shoot standard arrows rapidly around the Bullet Box

Swipe - A normal swipe of her knife


It has taken a year to finalize Nerissa, so far she's gone through 5 or 4 revises.

Originally, she had over sized sleeves and hair with it's own mind.



Thanks SOOO much to LennyFacedCupcake[1] for the sprite! Please check her out!

Thanks Jedha for doing the gallery for me :'D

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