Nila the Potion Maker is owned by Aubrey-chan and her sprite was made by this program:



Nila is half Madjick and half unknown. (As in I'm to lazy to find anything else she could be.) She has lived her life hiding herself with big clothing because she looks like a human. She owns a little known potion shop/home in Snowdin that the player can buy potions in.


Nila has short red hair and her eye color is unknown, she wears a witch hat and a black robe. Under the robe, she has a shirt, some pants and a belt that holds potion.



  • Alphys
    • When she was first learning potion making, Nila went to the royal scientist for advice, she eventually became good friends with Alphys and they hangout a lot.
  • Undyne
    • Alphys had introduced Nila to Undyne and they started hanging out.
  • Papyrus
    • Nila asked Undyne to teach her how to cook (not knowing the peril she put herself into.) and met Papyrus at the lesson, before almost setting Undyne's house on fire.
  • Sans
    • Papyrus once invited Nila over to his house and while waiting for Papyrus to finish his "delicacy", she sat down on the couch and started talking to Sans.
  • Frisk (Pacifist)
    • They are Nila's best costumer.


  • Frisk (Genocide)



A store to buy potions in. You can enter in the genocide route, but everything will be gone.



Potions have certian effect depending on which ones you buy, all cost 20G.

Stuff you can buy

  • Potion of Healing
    • Heals 20 percent of your health.
  • Potion of Speed
    • Makes you faster for one battle.
  • Potion of Defense
    • Raises your defense for one battle.


You will fight Nila in the genocide route the first time you enter her store, meaning you MUST enter her store at least once to get a true genocide ending.


HP: 300

AT: 5

DF: 5

ACTs: Check, Threat, Plead, Flirt.


  • Potions of Pain
    • Will cost 5 health each hit. They will bounce of the walls which could be a advantage and disadvantage.
  • Potions of Slowness
    • Will make you slower for one turn, making it harder for you to dodge potions. They also can bounce off walls, if they hit her, her next turn will have her throwing her potions much slower.


Try to avoid as many as her potions as you can, they will bounce back so you can hit her with her own potions.


  • I found her name and a Yahoo! answers thing.
  • She only speaks in whispers.


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