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Nimbus was a humanoid monster who served as one of King Asgore's court jesters and mages. He had a constant internal monologue and often got in fights with himself.


Nimbus wore a jester hat with bells, a collared jacket and a buttoned up red shirt. On his jacket, Nimbus had a spade and a diamond suit on his left and right arms respectively. His makeup (worn because of his status as a jester) coloured his eye sockets in blue, with a red circle above each eye. His lips were blue, and his face was painted white. Well, it really wasn't. His face wasn't painted it all, he naturally had that jester look... Which is why he chose the role of a jester, any other occupation and he would have been ridiculed for it.


He acted over-dramatic and panicky, sometimes resorting to running around mindlessly when something went wrong. Usually, this was just an act, though he was known for being rather cowardly, specifically in the middle of battle. He was a decently powerful Monster, but he constantly underestimated his own power, leaving fleeing as his only apparent option. Because he enjoyed running so much, he was never able to have his abilities grow, leaving him as the same, weak Monster while almost all others surpassed him in power.

Outside of his work, Nimbus acted a tad more sarcastically, more so around friends. He retained his admittedly cowardly attitude overall, though wasn't afraid to crack a small joke or two, even if it were to offend someone. Usually, he would apologize, but he could have been instead writing down said joke for his next performance, and forget to around five seconds later. As you'd expect, he didn't have the best memory in the world.

He enjoyed surprising people, though didn't like getting surprised himself. He also would hum songs to himself in the worst times, it made him feel safer. 


Born with a rather unfortunate appearance, Nimbus' occupation was decided for him the moment he appeared in the world. Often, he would try to hide his face-painted features and slip in with Humans, but he was always noticed. While no one in particular really cared about his appearance, he believed he looked like a complete idiot, and would run away at the first hint of them finding out who he really was. His parents decided to homeschool him, and them both not being the brightest of people, his education was not top-notch, but it was better than nothing.

When the day came that he was to learn magic, he was surprisingly skilled at it for someone of his age, though soon fell behind everyone else when he refused to use it for fighting, or train it at all. Nimbus grew older, and soon the day he had prepared for all his life came: He was to become a jester. Despite his parents' rather poor education, he was one of the best on the tryout day, and was even accepted to become Asgore's personal jester- after a few more months of training, of course.

When the war began, Nimbus was thrust into battle. His lack of battle experience meant his only option was to flee, and so he did. When his comrades in battle died, Nimbus fled for his life. He avoided death in numerous battles this way, but his life drew to a close when he was shot straight in the head with a bow and arrow. His dust was not gathered by anyone, and was instead left to blow away in the wind. Where it landed is anybody's guess.


While he wasn't particularly powerful in his skills, Nimbus learned some very basic magic during his education, most of it came from his parents, though he adapted some skills from various other Monsters that he met along the course of his life.


Nimbus had the power to become invisible for short periods at a time, up to eight seconds. He could still be damaged, and any sort of thing on him other than his clothes would still show through his cloak. He never really used this in combat, only for playing pranks on his friends. If he used it for the full eight seconds, he would become exhausted and have to rest.

Limited Frigokinesis

Nimbus was able to create small snowballs and throw them at people. Not too damaging, simply annoying. He refused to learn anything more powerful than this.


Nimbus also had the power to create clouds to obstruct the view of people. Depending on how much force he put into it, the clouds could also be slightly damaging to one's eyes, or even their lungs if he put his all into it. Still though, this was a very weak attack used only for getaways.


HP - 500

ATK - 5

DEF - 5

Though he has low stats, Nimbus was a tricky little fellow, hence how he survived more than one battle during the war. One hit from any decent weapon will likely kill him, however, and he serves as little more than an annoyance with an attack stat that low.

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