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Noma is an 'Angel', or rather, a quite powerful entity. He was quite obsessed with making a species with a "perfect" SOUL.


Though his appearance has never been recorded, it is speculated that some have witnessed a strange entity composed of what looked like smoke, with no discernable features other than a large pair of wings sprouting out from it.
Bronze SOUL


Noma is a quiet being, quite obsessed with the possibility that something perfect can exist in the world, and that he can create it. Though he hasn't exactly realized it, Noma is quite corrupt and insane. His image of "perfection" is twisted, seeing that the Hybrids were a complete monstrosity. 

He views lesser beings as expendable, as he used them to test the potential of his Hybrids' destructive nature. Noma sees himself as all-powerful, yet there is a subconcious fear that someday, something even more powerful than him might arise.


Once, there was a man named Karth. He, and his two 'friends', Marionne and Qeety, were the sole members of a group of serial killers. They relished in their crimes, committing murders with glee. But of course, one day, Karth's 'family' was cornered. Qeety killed his mother as a last resort, and then was killed by his pursurers. Upon hearing this news, Karth left the town in exile. Simply, he travelled, without food, avoiding anyone he came across.

But the fate of certain travellers are to be interrupted by the puzzle-maker, Amon. Solving the being's puzzle is rewarded with great power, but loss is simply being sent back into life unaffected. Karth solved the puzzle, surprisingly, and he accepted the power of Amon, and merged with him. From there on, Karth became Noma.

One of Noma's first actions was to build a laboratory, since he had an obsession with experimenting on Humans and Monsters while he was a killer. That old hobby would develop into a profession for him. The lab was built near Mount Ebott, and it also stretched into the Underground, but it was only enterable through the surface entrance. Noma would build robots to staff the facility, which he named Perfecture Laboratories, and he also kidnapped various subjects for use in the lab.

Noma always longed to see a species in the world that was perfect in the SOUL. When Noma saw the result of Human and Monster interbreeding, the Demons, he saw the potential of their half-Monster and half-Human SOULs. After kidnapping five humans and five monsters which were considered unwanted, he subjected them to experimentation. Using his powers, he managed to merge them into the Hybrids.

With his new yet small species, Noma tested their SOULs by sending them to destroy a few towns. After a while, they rebelled against him, and escaped his control. Dismayed, Noma simply went back to observing the normal world. Soon, he disappeared, shortly after the Hybrid Oathtakers were killed. It may be that he was destroyed by one of the two who remained.


HP - 4000

ATK - 40

DEF - 40

As the powerful being Noma is, he has some impressive stats. Not exactly perfect, as he envisions, but good enough for him to do his job of creating perfection in the world. Plus, smoke-y beings are weird, anyways.


  • Noma is not a divine being, he's considered an 'Angel' because of his power.

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