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Noreki is a young girl at the age of 6. She's a Monster of Electricity and Ink, being the daughter of Munja and Dextra. She is a stubborn and shy but curious girl who distrusts almost everyone but her parents and tries to find a way to get out of doing anything "social". She likes finding out new things though and painting just like both her parents.


Noreki has beautiful blond hair to her shoulders with a little blue bow. She has Munja's eyes with Dextra's facial structure. Paper white skin and a blue quartz necklace like Munja's. She wears a cute little black and white dress with black shoes.


Noreki is stubborn and shy. She doesn't really like interacting with others, much like Munja, but her curiosity leads her into random situations most of the time, much like Dextra.

Noreki, unlike Dextra isn't as mentally impaired. Although she loses her way of navigation just as easily as Dextra does, unfortunately.

Inherited Abilities

Noreki inherited many abilities from her mothers.

Electricity usage - From Munja.

Ink Usage - From Dextra.

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