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Nova is a alarmingly tall bipedal wolf-like monster. Her fur is navy blue, and cut rather short. She has various mushrooms growing from her head, these mushrooms all have purple tops, with dark spots being scattered among them. The stipe of these mushrooms is white, one of these mushrooms covers her right eye. The sclera of her left eye is black, with the rest of it glowing a bright white color. Under special conditions, the mushroom covering her right eye will turn to dust, revealing the entirety of the eye to be glowing. The sclera of her right eye is gold, while the rest is violet. There is also a large scar on the left side of her face, which has been partly covered by a mushroom. She commonly wheres a light gray coat with a over-sized collar, that seems to have been sewed on. The reasoning behind this seems to be so that she can hide a rather deep scar that rings around there neck. Guess she was too cool for a scarf? Her outfit is complete by a pair of black jeans.


Nova is devoted to freeing the monsters of the underground at all cost, willing to attack and kill any human that should cross her path, regardless of who they are, what they are like, or even how old they are. This is fueled further by a deep hatred for humans. Despite this, she is not very intense around humans, instead appearing to be extremely cold and cruel. She dose not like to socialize with other monsters, but she is not particularly mean to them either. She tends to tell younger monsters stories about the war when asked, and helps to train newer recruits from time to time. She becomes rather emotional when discussing her family, and often avoids it if she can. Should she encounter a entity that is dangerous to monster civilization, be them a human, another monster, or even a machine, she will not stand down until either the threat has been eliminated, or she is exhausted to the point she can no longer make use of her magic. She is rather old after all.


Nova was rather young when the war between monsters and humans began, dispute this she had fought in the war against humans, being regarded to as one of the best monster sharpshooters of her time. However, she would spend much of the war recovering from her injuries after a human soldier had ambushed her, leaving a deep scar in her face and neck. They had slashed at her with a dagger, before being disarmed. In desperation, they then tried to strangle Nova with a rope, pulling it tightly enough to cut into her neck. However, she was rescued by another monster. The two developed a strong bond, deciding to get married after the war had ended. Several years later, they would have a child, whom they would decide to name Vivian.[1] The three lived happily together in Waterfall for nearly four years before disaster struck. The father had encountered a human in the underground, unknown to him that Vivian was near, he fought the human, eventually being killed by them. This terrified Vivian, who would then run as far away from the scene as she could get...Soon after, Nova would go off looking for the two, soon coming across a object of the fathers, a large green hat that he was know to always have on. Very near to this was a childs toy, a toy that belonged to Vivian, she had dropped it before running away. Seeing the large amount of dust scattered around the room, Nova soon assumed the worst. As far as she new, her family was dead. Mere moments after coming to this conclusion, she would find herself rushing to Asgore himself, demanding to be made a royal guard. It was not long until this became a reality.


Nova is trained is a variety of different SOUL magics, being able to turn a foes soul green or blue in an instant, even flipping between the colors mid attack at times. They can make large mushrooms grow out from surfaces in an instant, the tops of these mushrooms is normally composed of orange or blue magic, while the stipe is regular white magic. She also summons a hand-gun of sorts, it's shots can be blocked while the soul is green.

In a genocide rout, if Nova is attacked by the human, she will enter her "second faze" so to speak. In this, this can summon sandstorms, similar to those of Vivian. During this mode, her regular attacks also become much more potent, and she will switch the soul color more frequently.



HP: 1500

AT: 20

DF: 20

EXP on kill: 100


HP: 2000

AT: 25

DF: 30

EXP on kill: 200

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