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Nutella is a nutella-loving Monster dwelling in Waterfall, in the Condiment Crew base. She runs the Cult of Richten NEO, a "cult" of Monsters brainwashed by her "perfect nutella."


Strangely, for a Monster, Nutella looks very human; perhaps this stems from her Demon parent. Her skin is tinted brown, from her blood coloration. Nutella's eyes are brown, but her right eye is constantly constricted, making it smaller than her left eye. She has episodes of madness where her eyes are not alligned, but those don't occur too regularly. She also has extremely long brown hair, as it has never been cut. The edges of Nutella's hair are braided, presumedly by her minions, so she does not trip as she walks. Her cheeks are covered with smears of nutella from her habit of putting her fingers on them.

As per cultist standards, Nutella wears a clerical robe, reminiscent of those used by the Cult of Richten. It is colored brown, strangely. What a surprise...

Nutella's blood is very similar to actual nutella, which is pretty strange, even for a Monster. Nutella is capable of infinitely generating "blood," and regenerating at a fast rate. Her fingertips are an exception to this regeneration; they are constantly "bleeding," as nutella seeps from them at a continuous rate. This could be that she is just willing them not to heal.

This nutella blood of hers is considered the "Most Perfect, Rich and Pure Nutella™" in the Underground, and possibly the world. Of course, of who taste it are affected by Nutella's brainwashing, since it is her blood, annnnnd that's the incredibly questionable method of how her cultists are "recruited."


Life is a game of chess for Nutella, and she herself is the Queen. Her followers (Or in better terms, "pawns") mean little to her, as they can all be replaced rather easily. Admitedly, she would not be nearly as successful without them and does at least slightly appreciate their work, but on the battlefield she expends them like they mean nothing. "I can always get more later," she says.

The fact that she leads a cult gives her an absolutely gigantic ego despite said cult being followed by literal mindless drones. She often spouts random things and says they're from Richten NEO's holy book, which doesn't exist by the way. She rarely feels pity, though is known to leave children alone in her times of mayhem.

To her allies in the Condiment Crew, she comes off as vague and out of it most of the time. This is all an act, she's perfectly capable of functioning normally very much unlike her drones. She's also a big fan of games, chess being her personal favourite. In her free time, she paints herself onto chess pieces (Of course, only the King and Queen are deserving of such a title) and gives little faces to the other pieces.


Nutella's early life was a simple one, growing up in the Underland before the days of the Richt where life was surprisingly peaceful. Her family never got caught up in the affairs of politics or anything of the sort, and Nutella was happy with her simple lifestyle. She discovered the strange power of her blood one day while she was handing out food at the marketplace one eventful day. She had obtained a cut on her finger prior to serving the food, and apparently a bit had sprinkled onto what she was handing out. Those who tasted it were said to have become simply mindless and only follow her own orders.

She didn't know why, but it was awfully fun to see the brainless chumps walk around and do whatever she told them to. They were stupid, yes, but at least they listened to her. Giving Nutella a feeling of great power only fueled the little Monster's ego and she continued to live out her life, albeit quite differently to the way she had before. Now, she ordered her minions about to cause mayhem. Whether that be by stealing food, scaring people or just being downright nuisances.

The Richt's takeover of the Underland forced Nutella to go into hiding or be subjected to the disgusting ways they treat their prisoners. Deciding to high tail it out of the Underland and live out the rest of her days in the Underground, Nutella did just that. Unfortunately, she lost many of her mind controlled soldiers in the battle between them and the border guards. Nevertheless, she herself was fine and still had a few left over so she didn't let that stop her from setting her place in the Underground.

After recruiting a few more soldiers into her "noble cause," she decided to give them a name. For the simple reason of annoying those afflicted with the actual Richt, she called her followers the "Cult of Richten NEO" and claimed to be the TRUE ally of Richter. All lies, of course, she doesn't even believe in him. Her anticts eventually caused her to get noticed by the Condiment Crew, who noted that she was truly unique in her abilities.

To this day, Nutella remains a close ally of the Condiment Crew, though her status as an official member is somewhat debatable. Her soldiers compose much of the Crew's actual infantry, if they can even be called that. She's often called upon to do what she does best: Annoy people. In any case, the Crew see her as a great ally, and she probably sees them as worthy candidates for her mind control.


HP - 700 (+1 per turn)

ATK - 12

DEF - 7

Nutella is not very strong on her own, so she relies on her minions to do her bidding. She will rather run from a fight when she is on her own. Even with her low defense, Nutella has her natural regeneration.


  • Proud member of the Condiment Crew.
  • Probably the most edgy character Vinneh has made.
  • Personality & History written by Dove.

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