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OC^hex(65536)^error appears to be a glitch in the hexadecimal counting system designed for auto-creation of beings. Very rarely, when the creation system maxes out it's hexadecimal value to assign for newly created OCs, it will replace the value with the number string "65536". This has resulted in a "glitch OC formation".

OC^hex(35536)^error can rarely appear in the game, but usually has nearly no interaction. However, if interacted upon via communication, it will usually respond in the voice of another OC, and in their font as well as a quote from them. It is completely random.

If encountered in battle, OC^hex(35536)^error will use completely random attacks. In the past she's used blue SOUL mode, pyrokinesis, air compression, and has randomly started floating.

If any character or OC touches OC^hex(65536)^error then they will enter a loop of the same continuous action until separated via the glitch disappearing, it moving away, or an object interrupting the cycle. This is due to the OC or character not having pre-determined actions for interacting with the glitch.

OC^hex(65536)^error's stats are groups of symbols, such as "$^!($^^_". Whenever attacked via weapon, he will disappear, instantly ending the battle. Sparing her will aslo end the battle, resulting in it disappearing.

Credit goes to Yossipossi for the idea and page, while credit for the sprite goes to ZeroByteS.

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