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"once a human fell into the underground"

"no how many times have you heard that"

"ugh no lets do this my way"

"once there was a human running from the human army"

"his village tried to SPARE the monsters"

"the army dissaproved"

"he ran as they burnt his village and enslaved his people"

"he ran up mount ebbot and jumped into the hole"

"most monsters loved him, the royal gaurd did not" 

"they found him and killed him but he became a legend a family named thier child after him and he inherited his personality "

"he became a member of the royal guard and the very guard that killed the human became his best friend"


HP: 4000

DF: 5

AT: 1


Ask him why he uses mercy.

I use mercy beacause deep inside i know that everyone will do the same!


Oh dear.. why are you so mean.


Thank you, what a kind human!


Well i will lower my standards for you human!


He always wears his armor, witch is custom of the royal guard. In battle he wears a led vest, otherwise he just wears a hoodie. He has mechanical hands, witch he choose over weapon hands. He always wears the same shorts because he is a fandom character. He has one peg leg, witch he got in battle with a realy not mercyfull human.   


Obesed is calm and chill usualy. Accasionaly he can be violent, only because he gets PTSD from the memories of the human. Sometimes he is stuck up because he thinks he is better than others. He is very nice and would not hurt a fly.

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