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Obsd was once a human on the overworld he leaves but his shuttle crashes into a moon. On the moon he made the shuttle into a van. He wears a hat with the mercy logo on it. He wears a large led vest. His hands were damaged in the fall so he replaced them with interchangeble hook hands. He has one peg leg. He wears firm laser glasses with scanners. He has many metal chips in him. He wears a medical mask over his face. He has a pet duck named emma, whom he met swiming on the moon. He has a mutated popcorn bucket friend as well. He has a adopted son named fin. He has a living block of TNT friend too. The last residint of that moon (known as oberians) also befriended the cyborg. He met a super pony. He finaly and probably will always have the AI to his van as a friend. His van contains a TV. It contains a bed. It has a toilet. It has a fridge.

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