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Ode is a Cyclops with an amber eye and orange hair. She wears khaki shorts and a white tank top with a black leather jacket. She wears reddish-orange boots and a necklace with a glowing Selenite crystal on it. This crystal gives her a 3 ATK and DEF boost, as well as a 30 HP boost. She has glasses with only one lense.


Ode is a pretty straight forward person. She likes to get things done as fast as they can. She is open minded, but serious. She can talk to TeCoMo V1.0.0 (or TeCoMo), a machine, telepathically. They had learnt this skill at a young age.

Ode can get very angry when threatened, or if her sibling is attacked. She highly is over-protective and is never more then 200 meters away from TeCoMo at any given moment. This could be considered an obsessive attitude, but Ode denies it, claiming it's to protect him. TeCoMo has realized this and has tried to be very cautious for both their sakes.


She was born the same day Tecomo was created, making them kinda like twins. She cared about him more than anything throughout her whole life, yet she is unsure if people think this is okay for her to call a machine her brother, even if she does not care. She sometimes puts thought into it, but mostly ignores it and continues on her normal way.

When they were both very young, they had discovered they shared telepathic abilities. They soon came to be very close, and tend to signal each other during idle chatter or for help. They make a very effective team when faced with challenges.


TeCoMo V1.0.0 (AKA Tecomo) is her mechanical brother. She is highly overprotective of him.


ATK: 8(+3 with crystal)

DF: 11(+3 with crystal)

HP: 560(+30 with crystal)


"And who would YOU be, person?" - Beginning battle

"What do you think you're doing...?" - Mid battle Pacifist

"You can go." - End battle Pacifist

"Prepare to die, you filthy murderer!" - Beginning battle Genocide

"Why won't you just DIE ALREADY!?" - Mid battle Genocide

"I'm... sorry..." - Killed on Neutral Route

"Oh... Oh no... TeCoM..." - Killed on Genocide Route


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