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Orihime's appearance may at first startle those she meets, due to how inherently different she is from most other monsters and humans in The Underground. Due to several procedures performed on her by Ranch, approximately 70% of her body is taken up by machinery. Her right arm, left eye, part of her neck, and several parts of her brain are currently occupied by machines. Her hair is dyed silver/white, with several splashes of red,blue, and purple throughout it. Her hair goes down her back, and is relatively long. While one of her eyes is covered by a device that allows her to see much better, her other eye is a radiant purple. Orihime's hair is generally un-kept, as she doesn't do much with it. Orihime wears a red tank top with black leggings and a canvas bag. Although her outfit is quite basic, Orihime owns a wide range of clothes, and simply chooses to wear simple outfits.


Although Orihime originally saw all the good in the world, and was still quite innocent, this all changed once Ranch installed her cybernetic enhancements. Orihime lounged around the house, neglecting all of her research, no matter how important. This eventually became a serious problem when a long-time experiment her and Ranch had been working on had all of it's test animals die because Orihime forgot to feed them. Orihime is currently aware of the fact that she is lazy, and is trying her best to fix this issue. Orihime often acts sluggish and tired at home, but will be much more enthusiastic and lively out in public.


Ranch - Orihime and Ranch met early on in their lives, and became close friends. Ranch, aware that humans had a limited lifespan, decided to help Orihime when she fell gravely ill recently. Replacing most of her body with machines, Ranch was able to save Orihime, and Orihime is now his lab assistant. Although they once had a romantic relationship, their relationship nowadays is entirely professional...or atleast Ranch says so.


""OH! And this Ranch! He's my...friend, yeah that's the word!""
―Introducing the player to Ranch


  • It is impossible to fight Orihime, she only appears in a Pacifist Route.


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