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Owen is an English human teenager who stumbled upon the Underground.


Owen is rather pale with brown hair nearly to his shoulders. Over his messy, brown hair he wears a flannel golf hat in the colours of yellow and blue. His golf hat is topped with a red pom-pom. He wears a white t-shirt covered in various types of dirt. Over the t-shirt he wears yellow suspenders. The suspenders are connected to a slightly baggy pair of faded grey jeans. His eyes are extremely dark red and filled with blood. He wears converse shoes that are almost unrecognizable from the dirt. He has a very wispy mustache.


Born in 200X, Owen stumbled into the Underground when he stumbled into Mount Ebott. He didn't meet Flowey or Toriel, instead sneaking through her house while she was talking to Frisk. He went through the forests of Snowdin, luckily Frisk distracted from him. He continued going around the Underground hiding, until meeting Rockwell who introduced him to the Hotland Mafia, which Owen joined. Now, Owen is a scammer throughout the Underground. His hyphema is the result of a Royal Guard raid on the Hotland Mafia hideout.


Owen is pretty timid and cowering, though he does have a rude side. He retorts very quickly and cleverly, despite not being very smart. He is constantly mistreated by the other Hotland Mafia members and usually doesn't argue. He is a very good scammer.

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