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"D-don't pay ANY attention to the Tem behind the curtain!"

OzTem Powers is a Temmie, and fraud-magician. User:Aidanthehedgehogisawesome created her, and he asks DONUT STEEL.


OzTem, at first, seems like a very powerful person, with high-standards and demanding demeanor. However, behind the curtain, she's a nervous wreck, and a skilled con-artist. She isn't very social, due to her shyness and short-temper, but still longs for a friend. She has much confidence, but low-self esteem, mischievous desires, but fearful of lawfullness.



Her holographic form is a large, neon-red Temmie head, with her usual six eyes. It is presented over a large organ (the piano kind) with mysterious dust being blown around it, to give "dramatic, fire-y effect".

Actual appearance

In her reality, she looks like a Temmie, but wearing a neon-green sweater. She has six eyes (like Muffet) and a lil' neon-green handkerchief.




Illusion- Using her hologram and SFX skills, she is able to "manipulate" the things around her.

"Pyrokineses"- Again with her skills, she can create fake fire. She only uses it to intimidate, however.

SFX and Holographic coding- As stated before, she can code holograms and SFX.



She appears in a room in Asgore's castle. She attempts to defeat the player, but her attacks do nothing, and Frisk quickly unmasks her. She flees in anger.


She does not appear on this route, however, traces of her machine are present. The organ is there, but rusted, and the fire-machines are there, but broken down. It is unknown what happened here.


Pacifist theme

Neutral theme


  • Her name was based on Austin Powers.
  • Meow.

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