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Pablo Tokilorio (Also known as Pablo The Rich) is a rich turkey-like monster. He has a monocle, mustache, a black tux, and even a top hat. He holds a cane even without walking disabilities, but it makes him look rich. Pablo has a light blue neck and heck, and has a yellow beak. He also has pink talons.

Pablo is very stingy with his gold, and has a huge pile of it that he does not need. He even has a bank, and he lives in a mansion in Snowdin. He calls it Toki Manor. His mansion includes 300 rooms, and even has a bank.

His job is similar to a real estate. He sold Sans and Papyrus their homes. He doesn't just work in Snowdin, however.

He occasionally drinks a wine or seven, and often at Grillby's, although he complains that it is too greasy, and needs... air conditioning, which Grillby did not appreciate. He hates Muffet's Spider Bake Sale, as he hates baked foods.

He dislike Hotland, because of the heat. He says, "If I stay there, I'll be roast turkey!" He also dislikes homeless people, as he says that they beg too much.



  • His Grinch-like brother, Vesuvius


  • TBA


  • Grillby
  • Sans and Papyrus


  • Muffet



Believe it or not, Pablo has the ability to fly, but only for short distances, as he carries too much gold on him.

Cane of Gold

He uses his cane to whack you, sometimes changing colors from white to light blue to orange after each swing.


He turns around, and shoots feathers from his tail onto the bullet board, with some feathers differing colors.

Make it Rain

Pablo takes off his top hat, which sprouts out coins, that rain down onto the bullet board. Some coins are gold, and could be collected,which would give you 1G.



  • HP: 1000
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 10
  • EXP On Kill: 1000
  • Gold on Win: 100


Cane of Gold

AT : +20

Tux and Hat Combo

DF : +20


Check, Bargain, Steal, Talk


Pre-Battle Monolouge


"Hello good chap." "Beautiful day outside."

"Birds are singin'"

"Money is bloomin'"

"On business days like this..."

"Youngsters like you..."

"Should be working at a job."


"You've been slaughtering, I see."

"From all that EXP in your wallet."

"So, if I kill you..."

"How much gold are you worth?"



"Hello to you too." [Talk #1]

"Please don't beg." [Talk #2+]

"Hey! Do you want me to call the police?" [Steal 1+]

"...?" [Bargain]

"Are you willing for an offer?" [Bargain #2]

"Hmm..." [Bargain #3]

"Interesting." [Bargain #4]

"Keep going. " [Bargain #5]

"How about I sell you a SPARE for 99999G?" [Bargain #6]

"Sorry, you don't have the sufficient funds." [Yes after offer (if you don't have enough gold) ]

"Really? Hah! Youths are rather dumb. Oh well, I'll SPARE you." [If you do have the gold]

"Hmm... Well, how about 9999G?" [Bargain #7]

"Deal it is! I'll SPARE you." [Yes (with funds) after Bargain #7]

"Maybe... 3000G?" [Bargain #8]

"Dang... 1000G?" [Bargain #9]

"Even lower?!? 600G" [Bargain #10]

"FINE! 150G! Final price!" [Bargain #11]

"Nope" [Bargain #12+] (If you can't pay for it, you have to earn it from Make it Rain.)


Flavor Text

*Pablo the Rich has arrived! [Encounter]


  • Pablo was based off the word Pabo, which means "turkey" in another language.
  • Tokilorio was based off the words Toki and Lorio, which mean "rich turkey" in another language.


Made by benalien430. Asgore Swing Remix is by The Musical Ghost.


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