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Pancake resembles an anthropomorphic lioness and stands at 5'7". Her slim yet curvy body is covered in tan fur but she also hadswavy, blonde, human-like hair that reaches her waist and that her ears can be seen poking out of. A small tuft of blond hair can also be found at the tip of her tail. She also has a beautiful set of golden eyes and light tan muzzle, paws, and belly.

She typically wears a hot pink sundress with matching sandals and a silver sequin purse. She wears a heart-shaped amethyst pendant on a silver chain around her neck and a silver bangle with an intricate design in the same color as the stone on her right arm (both gifts from her parents.)


Contrary to what many would expect from the nineteen-uear-oold daughter of wealthy parents, Pancake is very kind and giving. She greets every new face with a smile. Unfortunately, despite the money her parents spent on well trained tutors, Pancake is still considered by most to be "an airhead". Because of this, she can easily be taken advantage of by those with less than admirable intentions. The one area she is considered skilled at is math. She is specifically good at keeping track of money.


Pancake grew up in a wealthy mansion in New Home. Her parents were very wealthy thanks to some wise investments. Pancake's parents loved her dearly and gave her anything she could ever want. While she was completely spoiled, her parents were also adamant about teaching her moral values by being kind and generous members of society.

When Pancake turned eighteen, her parents made her leave the house to go out on her own and find her purpose. She wandered the Underground for before she finally ended up in Snowdin where she met Graint Wheaton who had an idea for a doll based on another popular toy line but couldn't pitch it because he knew no one in their right mind would invest in a slice of bread. The two saw an opportunity and took it. They formed a partnership. He became the dreamer and the planner while she became the face of their "company" and the one who handled the money. When she returned home,  her parents were very proud of her for finding a way to support herself and agreed to invest in her company.

Now, Pancake and Graint are happy business partners. Though Pancake receives all of the cred biblically, Graint takes sixty percent of the profits. Pancake often travels from her new home in Hotland to Snowdin for business meetings.



  • Her wealthy parents, Charles and Linda Manchester



  • TBD


  • Originally meant to be a member of a group known as the Gourmet Guild.
  • Inspired by Jillian from Family Guy.


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