"You blasphemous pesky human! I will shatter your soul until you DIE, DIE DIE! AHAHA!"

-Pepper Spray getting angry at a human.

Pepper Spray is a monster living in the Underground.


Pepper Spray takes a thin and tall (approximately 1 centimeter smaller than Asgore) humanoid shape with light grey skin that has a tint of orange. Her dark grey-red hair is messed up, flowing backward while covering her eye. She only has one eye with an orange iris that glows with rage most of the time, showing itself past the hair. The sclera is black. Otherwise, her teeth are sharp.

She dons a vibrant orange shirt that ends at the crotch and shoulders. It has aesthetic flames at the bottom. A white SOUL is present at the abdomen, presumably her SOUL. Her hands have abnormally sharp jet black claws that shine vividly even when the source of light is dim. From the soul downwards to her knees, she has two chainmail skirts, one above and one below. They effectively cover anything between this spot, which is simply the crotch. Her legs are covered by some tight jet black leather that shines just like the claws.

She wears red high heels that slowly transition into orange at the bottom. Aside from that, there is nothing else to say about them.


Pepper Spray is an easily wound up person who overreacts to most things. Her anger is easily triggered by perhaps seeing a human or seeing a monster die. This means, during battle, she will most likely go in with more guts than logic. This proves to be a terrible characteristic.


Pepper Spray was a fighter during the war between humans and monsters. She caused many casualties for the humans by failed to protect many monsters. This could have been the difference between victory and loss. However, as the story goes, monsters lose and get sealed underground. She tried to break the barrier countless times but failed, so she sided with Asgore when it came to the agreement of killing humans to harvest souls. From there, she has tried as hard as possible to kill as many humans as possible.

Main Story

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


  • HP: 450
  • ATK: 15
  • DEF: 1
  • GOLD: 150
  • EXP: 34
  • ACTs: Check, Wind Up, Mock, Joke

ACT Quotes

A veteran of the Human War. Has a bitter personality towards humans.

You tease her. This aggravated her, raising her ATK by 1.

You tease her. She can't take it anymore! ATK raised by 2. DEF raised by 1.

You tease her. She takes it as a friendly joke. ATK lowered by 1!

You mock her, saying she was immature to take a "stupid" war seriously. This does not go well with her.

You mock her, saying she was immature to take a "stupid" war seriously while also teasing her. She can't take it anymore! ATK raised by 2. DEF raised by 1.

Pepper Spray no longer believes you are friendly and is angry by you trying to trick her. ATK and DEF raised by 1!

You make a joke about how you once put salt in your tea. She chuckles. ATK and DEF lowered by 1!

You joke about how you need more outer space. She chuckles, though still raging at the teasing.

You joke about liking how sour lemons are. She chuckles, though still raging at the mocking.

Flavor Text

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Pepper Spray with usually use a metallic axe that heats up as she gets angrier. She can put two together to form a battleaxe. When her SOUL is damaged enough, only her physical form will cease to exist. She can not be absorbed and will take some time to recover back into her physical form if her soul isn't destroyed.


  • The stat changes via ACTing only apply once.
  • It is true I have once had tea with salt put into it instead of sugar. It tasted disgusting.


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