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Long ago, two races ruled the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, a war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the Humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

The monsters flourished underground, growing in technological advancements daily.

Each monster took on a field of science- those who did not were cast aside below society.

Soon, the required six SOULs for the barrier became one. After many attempts, they perfected the equation.

One human SOUL was required to destroy the barrier, and allow the monsters to attack the humans with extremely advanced weaponry.

And one human just so happened to fall.

PhysicsTale is an Undertale AU in which the monsters decide to take a scientific approach to escape. All monsters study a field of Science. If they do not, they're cast aside from society as a disgrace. Most monsters have taken on a field that best suits their personality or interests.

Six humans previously fell, but each of their SOULs were destroyed or managed to escape. The monsters conducted experiments on the SOULs- known as the Human SOUL Replication Experiments, or HSRE- to recreate more and destroy the barrier. They almost managed to clone Justice, however, a feedback loop towards the end of the program caused the two split SOULs to rejoin suddenly, turning both into Determination liquid and Justice Liquid.

During Alphys' HSRE, she accidentally created the amalgamates by injecting determination into "casts"- the term used to described the Social Outcasts. The experiments are known to Asgore, and have been completely approved by him. The amalgamates were living monsters before the experiment fused them. Now, they are forced to do slave labor for Mettaton and Asgore.

Each monster's physical capabilities and magical capabilities have been buffed as well, due to the monsters' significant advancements in science. While attacks bare still magic, devices created by the monsters can increase ATK, DEF, HP, and the attacks in general.

The monsters' empathy towards casts and humans have grown smaller over the years, however they are not incapable of feeling emotions. Many monsters can have normal interactions with each other, but fail to recognize casts as actual monsters, and more as lowly creatures.


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Location Description
Abandoned Research Center A collapsed research center that was destroyed in the midst of a massive earthquake.
Snowdin A town full of scientists who each have their own personal science labs.
Criminal Investigation Units A large, water-powered courthouse that belongs to Undyne, head of the Royal Guard.
Hotland Labs A large, thermonuclear powered facility.
C.O.R.E. The C.O.R.E. serves as Hotland's Thermo-Nuclear electric generator and a storage facility.
New Research Facility A rebuilt laboratory mimicking the Abandoned Research Facility.


Name Field of Science Short Description Available Weapons Attack Stat Defence Stat Health Points
Flowey Botany Flowey, while not necessarily caring about science, still does research in botany, simply to advance his own strength and attacks, and to gain the trust of most people in the Underground. Secretly, however, he wants to rule the entire world. Flowey has a number of weapons related to plants and can easily use them. One attack is a vine attack in which he launches vines at the player from various places. Another attack is when he launches flower seeds, doing 19 damage each. 19 (Varies) 0 (Varies) 6000 (Varies)
Toriel Dreemurr Social Sciences Toriel practices Social Sciences to better understand the ways humans and other monsters interact, and how to care for a human if another were to ever fall into the underground. Toriel's attacks generally do not change- however, she has a genocide battle, in which she has a shield and blocks attacks for five turns. She does 7 damage a hit. 80 (7) 80 (3) 660
Sans Physics Sans- while appearing to be a heavy procrastinator- is actually extremely well versed in his field. He has developed weapons that can scramble subatomic particles, causing him to do insane damage over a small period of time. He has also created machine that allow him to bend space-time, giving him the ability to teleport and expand/contrast the battlebox. As previously mentioned, Sans has the ability to scramble sub-atomic particles with his gaster blasters. He can also teleport bones anywhere, and teleport himself out of the way of attacks. 1 (3) 1 (4) 1 (7)
Papyrus Psychology Papyrus mains in Psychology. He is very popular in Snowdin town due to him knowing how the mind works. He knows ways to trick people at attacks, in case he gets into a fight. Because of this, he has gotten into the Royal Guard. Papyrus' attacks don't necessarily change from his Undertale counterpart's, but now he's a lot more advanced with his attacks- usually randomly swapping the direction from which they appear. 20 (10) 20 (5) 890
Undyne Study of Law and Justice Undyne majors in the Study of Law and Justice. She is the number one Law enforcer in the Underground, and can understand the minds of criminals, making her very effective in catching them. She is also the head of the Royal Guard Undyne can throw spears at her targets, but each do an incredible amount of damage. Undyne also runs faster, making it harder to escape from her via FLEEing.

50 (9) [Normal]

99 (14) [Undying]

20 (5) [Normal]

99 (7) [Undying]

2300 [Normal]

25,000 [Undying]

Alphys SOULology, the study of SOULs Alphys conducted the HSREs. She had perfected the science of SOUL duplication, and can now be used to clone human SOULs. If she ever gets her hand on a human SOUL, the monsters will become extremely powerful, and the barrier will be shattered. Alphys has no attacks, mainly depending on Mettaton to attack you. Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mettaton Vogology Mettaton studies the science of fashion, and is the biggest source of entertainment in the Underground. However, he is also extremely powerful in his robot body. Mettaton can send electric bolts down at the player, and sends little "fashionbots" that hover down and throw articles of clothing at them.

30 (12) [Box]

47 (10) [EX]

90 (14) [NEO]

255 (999)[Box]

47 (4) [EX]


9999 [Box]

1600 [EX]

30000 [NEO]

Asgore Political Science Asgore studies political science, and for good reason too, as he is the king of the underground. He is much more confident and swift, making him a lot more efficient in combat. Asgore's attacks are exactly the same as his Undertale counterpart's, but he's a lot more swift and confident. You cant bring his stats down by talking or by eating butterscotch pie. 80 (12) 80 (5) 4000


Name Field of Science Short Description Available Weapons Attack Stat Defence Stat Health Points
Bryson Pyrology Bryson is well known and well respected scientist in his field… Well, to the few people who actually study pyrology. Despite his lack of fame outside of pyrology, he still finds himself highly regarded either way. He claims that his best invention is his tempurature inhibitor, which increases or decreases the tempurature of an object, operating similar to that of an oven, but on much smaller objects, and to incredible temperatures. He has a much higher tolerance than others for casts and humans, but still sees them as slightly inferior. Enhancing swords and armor, and the ability to increase and decrease temperature at the turn of a knob. The temperatures are able to exceed the boiling points of most elements, leaving only the like of Osmium, Hafnium, Tantalum, Rhenium, and Tungsten able to maintain a liquid form when faced with the heat. 75(10) ??(4 hits) 4000




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