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He Looks like a Regular Temmie with a more Serius Haircut.


His Personality is sometimes described as a gentle but energetic old man, and sometimes quite grumpy and immature. Sometimes Even As Both.


Inteligence - He is Semi Inteligent.

Long Lifespan - Has Lived For a Long time

Degree In Mettalegology - A degree In a Science Based Arround Magical Irradiation and its effect on monsters and humans.



Dr. Wüterich - Having Socialized With him during the settlement of the underground, the two know eachother Very Well, him Having Even Taught Him German.


Bob - Noone knows why

The Tem Shopkeep  - He Despises The Tem Shopkeep´s Handwriting and let them fail their final mettalegology exam because it was illegibile. The Shopkeep has Sworn Revenge.


Professor Temmothy Badtem Was Born Shortly After the Monsters Defeat, Due To a Genetic Defect, he has Overaverage inteligence for a Temmie and a Long Lifespan. During The Dark Times of monsters he Socialised With Baltimore Wüterich, a Fire Elemental Who has lived in Germany Before The War. 

After Most of The undergrounds Infrastructure was established, he followed a doctor as his assistant, who discovered a sort of magical Radioactivity caused by monsters attacks and other uses of magic, due to a lack of fund this research was canceled, but Temmothy found a sponsor in mettaton many years later, their only demand being to name it after them, Causing the Name Mettalegology.

Due To His High Age in the Year 20XX His Soul Began To Degrade, causing him to suffer Memory Loss, Disorientation And Rapid Mood Changes



HP : 150

Atk : 25

Def : 2


HP : 200

Atk : 30

Def : 10


Cannot Be Fought



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