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Pyrocynical is a Youtuber,he is not my property.Pyro's abilities are a magic AWP and quotes from pyro.Pyro likes comedy,mostly satire comedy.Leafy is a friend of his.He also has the ability to dodge,but it doesn't always work.Pyro's hobbies are mostly making Youtube videos,playing CS:GO and being a furry.Pyro also will address the thing if something bothers him.He is not afraid to give his opinion.Pyro also has a Black Mesa hat that he wears from time to time.



  • None,He is a embodiment of internet.


  • Leafy


  • Leafy


  • Popular Youtubers


  • HP:3,000
  • AT:20
  • DF:50
  • EXP On Kill:0
  • Gold on Win:0



  • AT:20
  • DF:25
  • EXP On Kill:0
  • Gold on Win:0


OPTIONAL* If your character changes stats depending on the run.

  • HP:10,000
  • AT:50
  • DF:50
  • EXP On Kill:0
  • Gold on Win:0


Ask for Shrek has Swag 5,Create fanart,Compiment



"Pyro walked in your direction!OH NO!"

Flavor Text

"Pyro panics in fear." [ask for shrek has swag 5] "Pyro is flattered." [create fanart] "Pyro seems happy." [Compiment] "The boi be sparin u m8" [spare]


Pyro's abilitites are simple,an AWP and quotes from him.He can dodge from time to time too.

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