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Queen Clementia was the last Queen of the Humans, who was in power before, during, and after the War. She was also the only Queen to have primary control, as opposed to the King having control any other time. She has a cyan Soul of Patience, and is known to be a rather powerful Human.


Clementia was born as a daughter of a soldier at first, she didn't really have any power or nobility quite yet. However, she grew to have quite a good amount of skill, particularly in inventing and crafting. Not to mention that she grew to also have a good amount of beauty. Nonetheless, she soon won the heart of the King, and became married to him some time afterwards.

However, the King's rule wasn't very long. The King was diagnosed with the Black Plague, and there wasn't any medicines to cure it quite yet. Unfortunately enough, the couple didn't have any kids, which meant no heirs to the throne. In the end, the King died of the illness, and it was up to Queen Clementia to rule the Humans.

She wanted everyone to prosper, and as a result improved the quality of the economy, the army, and the ties with the Monsters. She was the one that appointed Natis, Nimir, and Arkar Elymas to control the First Human Army. At this point, the city was more powerful than ever, and there wasn't any problems to come in Queen Clementia's way... at least for a bit.

Soon, the problems began to roll in, particularly the Monsters. She learned about how the Monsters could absorb Human Souls, and become nearly unstoppable. She also found out about the situation with Natis's parents, and thought that it was time to order a discussion with the Monsters. However, peace couldn't be made, with the furious Natis insisting on War... as a result, it did happen.

Queen Clementia let the War happen, hoping that peace would be made but at least expecting the Humans to win. She assigned the squads, but she didn't do much more. In the end, she wasn't in the War at all, she only had her involvement through messages.

After the War, Queen Clementia grew into a stage of depression, sometimes neglecting certain problems. Words were being spread of a new government... "Democracy". After a month of rioting, Queen Clementia was overthrown for inactivity, being sent through the same Barrier that the Monsters were trapped in.

Queen Clementia has been spending the rest of her days in secrecy... remaining alive due to the lack of ruling, and maybe a mysterious blessing. She however has been getting better over time... using her intelligence to get around. She plans on eventually leaving the Underground, so that she may reclaim her long lost kingdom... she just has to get a Monster Soul first.


Queen Clementia was a female Human that was slightly heavier than the average female Human. While her skin may be slightly thick (Like VERY slightly), she still maintains feminine curves. She actually wore little to no makeup, except maybe some lipstick. She had hazel eyes and medium red hair.

When in disguise, she tends to wear a plague doctor uniform, which tends to trick Monsters due to the beak mask. She also uses an advanced voice modifier to further throw off Monsters from her trail.

When she isn't in disguise, she wears a long royal dress, which is used to look very much professional. She tends to wear a spiked crown, which has a heart-shaped jewel in the center and has cracks on the sides. At times, she's seen sitting on a very special throne capable of movement.

Due to having lived for so long, age eventually changed her appearance and overall combat capabilities. Her hair is now longer and white, and her skin has a fine set of wrinkles, making her appear to be a healthy 60-year-old person. While she can still walk, and maybe run, she isn't anywhere near as powerful, and she may have large difficulties when hurt.



  • Nick


  • Monsters


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Romantic Partner(s)

  • The King (Former Husband)


Base Stats

HP: 40

AT: 20

DF: 20










Flavor Text




  • In Roman mythology, Clementia was the goddess of forgiveness and mercy.
  • Her plague doctor persona is called Clement.
  • In the True Pacifist Route, one of two things will happen with Clementia. She may end up regretting her decisions in the past even further, and will as a result become uninspired to further try. Or, she will actually decide to finally leave behind her past and disguise, and join the ranks of the Monsters as their Ambassador.


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