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Raiden is a 19 year old anthropomorphic fox. He lives in Snowdin. He is a member of the Alpha Predators.



Raiden wears a black pullover hoodie and long black shorts. His his hoodie's sleeves are usually rolled up to his elbows. He also wears brawler gloves and a bullet-proof vest. He only wears it because he thinks it looks cool. His fur is scarlet-red on the top side and white on the bottom or his underside. His feet are exposed, and are black, like common foxes. His tail sticks out of his jeans (somehow), which is also scarlet-red, and it has a white tip. He stores kunai and chains (one


Raiden has a strong fighting spirit, and loves to fight, like the rest of the trio. He is also very reckless, and most of the time ends up getting into trouble or danger. Aside from this, he is also very compassionate and caring, and will usually put those he cares about before himself. Because of this, he doesn't seem to care if anyone insults him. He also likes humans, but doesn't know any better and calls them human, instead of asking their name. He's also fascinated by justice, but will sometimes mistake do-gooders for evil-doers.


Raiden is part of the Alpha Predators trio, a group of three canines who have similar names. He poses as the Melee Specialist, as he is proficient with swords and daggers, and highly specializes in muscle and ramming, despite being the smallest member. He is usually the team's muscle and heavy hitter.


  • HP - 500
  • DF - 30
  • ATK - 55


"Oh, a human?" Encounter


"S-stop it human! T-that...heh.." Pet two times in a row

"...Woah, you're one crazy human..." Flirt

"That was awful. I love it!" Joke

"Ok, whatever." Insult

"Ow! What's your problem?" Fight

"Take that!" Fight x2

"You're a really sweet human!" Sparable

  • Raiden cannot be spared if you only insult him. He will no longer become sparable if you insult him when he is sparable.
  • His sparing conditions are petting him, telling him a joke, and flirting with him in any order twice.


  • He is the only member who is not related to any of the other members.
  • Later on, it is revealed that he has tried smoking dog treats before, but never tried it again because "Those things are nasty."
  • He is the only member to wear a bullet proof vest.
  • He loves to eat chicken as a fox.
  • He hates yaoi art.
  • He claims to have killed someone who was making yaoi art, but it is unsure if he actually did or if he's lying.

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