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Randy Ethanol Sterling, better known by his Undernet alias "FlashbangRandy", is a humanoid meerkat monster that thrives on his popularity on social media sites, such as Undernet and Undergreet. He is an attention stealer who usually does the most he can just to get one person to listen to him.

Randy usually posts updates and pictures on his cellphone, but occasionally does things on the computer. He is more of an extrovert when people expect him to be a big-time introvert. People accuse most of his images to be edited and fake. Randy handles these people by ignoring their comments and placing an occasional blocking.

Almost no one knows of his real name, and only one person has bothered to become friends with him, named Chad Donnis. Randy usually just badgers people he greets to follow him on Undernet. When people ask him questions about himself, the usual reply is "I'll message you the answer on Undernet after a follow."

Randy wears glasses over his grassy green eyes. His voice is very Markiplier-esque and buttery. He has averagely long orange-dyed hair. He usually wears a black t-shirt and khakis, although he sometimes wear a well-pressed Air Force-looking uniform. The latter outfit has led him to be compared with the Navy Seals copypasta. Randy does not have an opinion on this, himself, however.

As of now, Randy currently has 7,210 followers on Undergreet and over 300,500 favorites on Undernet.



Chad Donnis




"Hello, what's your Undernet username?"

"Follow 4 Follow, please?"

"Your question will be answered after an Undernet follow."

"Please follow me on Undergreet."



Randy was made from a Markiplier reference.


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