Sebastian Lamkilat, better known by his stage name Red Lightning, is a Human martial artist and self-proclaimed mercenary that wanders the Underground and looks for people in distress. Under the guise of justice, he releases annoying, but harmless, havoc all throughout the land.


Red is a tall, muscular man of dark complexion, with dark brown eyes and a receding, spiky blonde hairline. Despite his age of about 60, he has very large muscles and prominently displays them, having a penchant for wearing almost no clothing at any given time. Normally, the only items of clothing he would wear are red, skin-tight, spandex shorts with lightning symbols and his stage name on them, a duffel bag to carry his fight money, red and yellow boots, and a grey cloak to hide his face in case he needs to be around Monsters.

He wears his boxing gloves almost anywhere...they're built to fire like projectile once a trigger is pulled inside them. Magnets across his wrist, much like wrist watches, bring back his gloves like a boomerang. Rare occasions where he needs to be more clothed has him wear a red polo shirt and grey sweats. His voice is a gravely, masculine yell that tends to be loud, almost obnoxious. He has a very foreign accent, and talks like a valley guy.


From his appearance and style of speaking, one can easily tell he has a fascination with machismo. He'd very self-centered, only talking to those who he declares worthy, he lives by a code of honor, and he often tries to help with situations that don't need him. Very sociable, but not exactly society-fit, he can come across as intimidating, greedy, lazy, or just flat-out rude.

His intentions come from a good place, however, and he does try to help out the best he can. He has almost a child-like innocence, a naivety that tells him he can save the world if he believes in himself, despite his age. He lives in fear of being a "has-been": a popular hero that fades into obscurity due to old age and being outshined.

Main Story

Sebastian was always a fighter in his youth...he had a knack for taking down sandbags, and could throw punches faster than most adults could when he was only 8. By his teen years, he was a professional boxer, wrestler, and even a radio personality. He went by "The Hunk", and had a horde of fangirls that would follow him wherever he went. Sometime in the next few years he would adopt the moniker "Red Lightning", from a commentator saying that he "was a red blur, quicker than a strike of lightning." The next two decades were a prosperous time for Red, and he'd amassed so much fight money that he could do whatever he wanted to. With all this fame, however, he wanted to do something bigger and better...something that would set his legend in stone.

He tried entering the Human Army, but was quickly kicked out for causing too many fights with soldiers and his refusal to use any conventional weaponry. He began his mercenary work by beating up random people for money, which led to his discharge from the boxing league he had participated in. What was our hero to do now, but jump in the Underground and help out the Monsters in any way he could. This is where he spends the next 30 years, hatching a master plan to become famous again.


Due to his code of honor, he only talks to people who've earned his trust and fans. He doesn't many of the latter at the moment, but the former could be anyone from:

  • The Royal Guard/Monster royalty.
  • Knights, former war heroes, etc.
  • Passionate fighters.
  • Auxillary for armies (medics, chefs, all that good stuff).
  • People with muscles.
  • Anybody who he considers "Sidekick material".


  • Spindle- Currently hunting down for the Gold reward set on him and a heroic reputation.
  • Anybody who he considers an "evil-doer".
  • Vegans.

Code of Honor

  • 1. Take care of and cherish your muscles.
  • 2. Don't be a coward.
  • 3. Never fight a lady, but if you must, let her get 3 moves in first.
  • 4. Be a hero.
  • 5. Justice is primary, peace is secondary.
  • 6. Cherish children (not in that way, though, dude).
  • 7. Stay focused.
  • 8. Strike a pose.
  • 9. Smile.


  • +Strong and throws punches fast.
  • +Boxing Gloves can fire like a projectile, good for surprise attacks.
  • -Easy to manipulate and slow.


This character belongs to Senior Agent Z, A.K.A ManinBlack007JK. Don't be a dummy and use his characters without consent. We can and will hunt you down, and we will release the bogus. ~The Organization

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