Alternate accounts are a useful tool, an opportunity for jokes, and a way to enjoy the wiki in a new way. However, they can also be dangerous weapons. For this reason, the Registry of Alternate Accounts page was created. While alt-fueled raids are no longer a common occurrence here, we're keeping this page up as a security measure.

If you are a regular user, and have any alts you are likely to bring onto the wiki or into the chat, we ask that you register your accounts here.


Main Username Alternate Account(s) User Rights
TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade Mangledmeddlingmetal, JazCode Administrator
Daponyx ~WhimsicalCosmo, Gerald the God of the Universe User
Yossipossi Yossipussi, Happipossi Head of Command
Skaitleen03 The Lord Of The Crimson Rose, A Soul Of Evil, EnderPossi User
AshleyTheBlindVisionary ShaleyTheCorruptedOne Administartor