Due to the Raid of Jan 25, 2016, we no longer allow new alternate account profiles. Any and all alternate accounts are to be reported to the staff and closely monitored.

During the Raid of Jan 25, the amount of sockpuppets utilized by now eternal enemy of the wiki Seth were enough to actually warrant a panic attack on one of our Moderators.

Simply put, alternate account profiles are a dangerous weapon, even in the hands of those as inept as Seth. As such, if a User currently has an Alt is must be registered with us on a list of known Alts, and no new Alts are allowed after the date of Jan 25 2016 and will be banned.

If you'd like to report an alt, please mark them down below, and we'll get to them as soon as possible (Please add name of alt, link and date of creation):

Administrator: TheZombeh: Alt(s) are- Froodbar

Regular User: HolyTraitor Alt(s)/Backup(s) are- Zaunigozak, The Mechanical Snake and User:Mr. Tophat Monacle

Chat Moderator: Dove of Death Alt(s) are- The Mechanical Tiger and The Mechanical Owl

Regular User: TheVinnyLord Alt(s) are- Froggatron

Regular User: Geshtro Alt(s) are- Korriet  and Emmi_(Character)

Regular User: Reddest Alt(s) are-Howsadd and MacabreGhast

Regular User: Zynical Backups/Alts are- Polternova, Asriel ~Hyperdeath~ Dreemurr, TheSwizzyWhizzy and The Wyzical Zynical.

Regular User: Downtown Freezy Backups/Alts are- Kinsay Lingsland, The Mechanical Panther

Regular User: TheBrightestEyes Backups/Alts are- [][1]

Regular User: Contactor Alts are II Satan II

Regular User: OnettMelody Backups/Alts are OnettMelodies

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