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Despite being a Teemur, Ren is one of the shortest Agarifs alive, only reaching up to 4'7". Her skin is a lighter shade, ranging in between silver and a light grey. Along her face, she has an eyepatch that covers her right eye. The eyepatch is constantly leaking fluid, making it look like if shes always crying through an eye.


Ren lives in Snowdin in a small cabin she constructed herself. It has a small kitchen, a dining room for 5 people, a small living room, a bedroom, and 3 guestrooms. the only other person who lives with her is Rey.  


She is mostly socially awkward, not really much for social events. She rarely socializes, causing her to sometimes stutter or trail of mid-sentence when speaking to someone else. She really loves vampire romance stories, but she prefers to play outside when the temperature is freezing cold than to sit inside and read. Even though she might seem like an emo, once you get to know her, you will find she's really adventurous, ready for whatever life throws her way.


One day, on the coldest of nights, during the most powerful cold wave the Underground had, Ren was born. Unlike the other teemurs. She didn't laugh, or growl when she was born. She just stared at the sky, contemplating it. The other teemurs were afraid. What happens if she was sick, they thought. So, they ended up abondoning her in another agarif neighborhood, in hopes she could be cured.

Ren ended up on the porch of a female terisic, who immeadiatly took her in. As the years passed on, Ren was teased about her unsusual coloration, to the point where it turned into full-out bullying. The Agarif officials, feering she had an illness, sent out a squadron of guards to hunt her down. She fled the city, vowing to never return to there again.

A few years later, she turned up at Snowdin. Near starvation, she managed to prop herself against a tree before passing out. When she woke up, she was in Snowdin's in, lying in a bed. The Inn-keeper told her that she had found her near death. She had taken Ren inside and patched her up. Ren thanked her, and left.

Now a little more comftorable with the cold, she built herself a cabin in the woods. She eventually met Rey, whio she first thought was annoying, but soon came to love her. They both currently live in a cabin in Snowdin forest.



She condiders her a friend, though sometimes she doesnt trust her.



Ren works at the Librarby in Snowdin.





Talk (You tell Ren that she looks cute.)

Threat (You look at Ren cruslly)



A knife she bought. Never uses it.


"Hi" (Encounter.)

"u-um...thanks?" (talk)

"..." (threat


  • Some say her parents were murdered by a flower.