This OC was made by Hypno1337. 


Rena the Agarif, raised in a fairly normal home and her parents giving quite a lot of attention to her due to her scale colour (and attention from teachers and classmates alike) given it signifying her close connection to Reflath. Despite the typically aggressive nature of Zeta class Agarif like herself she always had a literal voice in the back of her head to help keep her in check and keep her mellow.

She has always enjoyed having a lifelong companion, especially one that gets her such positive attention as Reflath has. Although the upbringing with this older brother included her learning to hate the Ulder-related of her kind; despite them having never laid a finger on her personally she simply learned that they are bad and so it became a part of her growing up.

Despite her having mellowed out since her more violent nature as a young child she can still get quite violent when competitive or angry (mostly the latter but especially both) and even Reflath can have a bit of trouble trying to calm her down at first. Despite getting angry at times she can be outgoing and friendly more often than not. She enjoys fireworks quite a bit, as it turns out.

Her appearance is fairly mundane; having a typical frame for a Zeta class and somewhat large teeth although her scales thanks to Reflath are a clean white although the belly has red scales in contrast; taking a fair amount away from what would be his black colour-scheme. His eyes are a deep red, around the same shade of it as his belly.

Her age is a fairly young 19, having a solid mental-age at that with a bit of extra help from her “older brother”.


Reflath can possess Rena at times and especially will if she's having difficulty whether in a fight or other more specific scenarios. This possession is somewhat easy for him as she doesn't tend to resist it thanks to a combination of overall trust of him and her having not tried all that often to resist it and so no major resistance to such.

He overall acts as somewhere between a parent and an older brother; teaching her and helping her along like a parent would yet somewhat bickering and whatnot with her like more of a brother would be expected to. Whilst himself he's more of the quiet type she has influenced him somewhat to hold a bit more latent aggression and sharing her hobbies.


  • ((To be named)) (Mother)
  • ((To be named)) (Father)
  • Reflath (I dunno what he counts as...)


  • Reflath
  • Insert unnamed parents here.
  • Insert unnamed classmates here.


  • Ulder (Rena)


  • Ulder (Reflath)



  • HP:8500
  • AT:47
  • DF:39
  • EXP On Kill: 70
  • Gold on Win:40


  • HP:5000
  • AT:40
  • DF:35
  • EXP On Kill:120
  • Gold on Win:40


Check (Pacifist) (ATK, DEF, She seems a bit annoyed with you, thankfully there isn't much of a bloodlust behind it...) Check (Neutral) (ATK, DEF, She's probably wondering how human tastes right about now...) Check (Genocide) (ATK, DEF, She intends to find out what human tastes like...)

Touch (Pacifist) (You're somewhat suddenly pushed back.) Touch (Neutral) (You're almost immediately shoved back, you hardly stay standing.) Touch (Genocide) (That's a terrible idea...) - You're sent back to the fight menu and your turn isn't ended by this ACT.


Rena's attacks:

Slash: Three parallel lines appear across the board, all transparent and do no damage. After a second they become opaque and do damage. This repeats twice, the middle line always touches the soul at first. The opaque lines don't disappear after each of the three slashes.

Slash +: This replaces Slash after its first use. It functions the same as the original attack but combos with the lines disappearing for about a second before a circle slams into the middle of the board, doing damage to everything in its fairly large radius.

Bite: This cannot be evaded, it is activated after a normal attack. It will be disrupted if the player lands a hit in the white zone of the attacking option. This will only be used after she has been attacked at least once.

Fireball: A large fireball is fired down the centre of the board that makes a gives out spirals of smaller fireballs as it goes.

Meteor Shower: A barrage of fireballs coming from the top-left of the screen. They're numerous and fairly fast but thankfully small.

Fireshot A: 8 balls are fired from the bottom of the screen at the player, one after the other. These projectiles deal contact damage and will bounce three times before disappearing on the 4th collision with a wall.

Fireshot B: This functions like Fireshot A however the balls are slower, there are 10 of them and they bounce a 4th time.

Reflath's attacks:

Ancient Claw: A fairly dangerous rain of fireballs followed by a big column in the middle, taking up more than half of the bullet box giving a second or two before being filled by a white light that does damage every 0.1 seconds.

The Purifying Light of the Dragon: A small circle in the middle of the screen will create four transparent beams in a + shape with one point touching the soul. After a second the beams will solidify and begin rotating in a direction with the directions able to rotate at random. This lasts for 5 seconds before the beams stop for a half-second and disappear. This is followed by an expanding ring being fired from the central circle with a couple of gaps in. This is repeated three more times followed by the initial rotating beam attack starting again although with low amounts of fireballs being randomly sprayed from the circle at the same time. The beams only do damage when opaque/solid.

A Festival of Calamity: This attack involves fireworks. Starting off with a catherine wheel in the centre of the board; firing 6 curved beams that move at just a slow enough of a speed for a wary player to move out of the way of them. Which direction the beams will move in is random. After 3 seconds of these beams it will start spinning a bit faster and let out an array of small, white ball projectiles with some smaller, glowing and faster. After 3 seconds of this the wheel disappears in order for the 2nd stage of the attack to occur. Rockets fired from the bottom of the bullet box that move somewhat slowly and do damage on contact before exploding at roughly the middle of the box. letting out a spray of either white, blue or orange projectiles. After 5 fireworks, a single, large firework is fired to the centre. This lets out a spray of all three colours at once.


Whilst she has no major abilities, she has a lot of physical strength and durability letting her overpower most targets in physical combat.

She can manage some fire-based attacks although more often than not will be trying to fight any target with her claws and whatnot.

Reflath only abilities

He does seem to possess access to some fairly strong offensive magic that Rena alone probably wouldn't be capable of at all.


Block the muzzle, prevent biting and fire-based attacks that use the mouth.

She's not the fastest living thing by any means.



  • By default, Rena has purely black scales.
  • Enjoying food in general, she hasn't been able to state a favourite.


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