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Ress is a shapeshifting monster who lives in the underground. She has no personality of her own and constantly switches appearances.

This is wrong. I am intelligent. I can hear you. I can hear them. They spew lies about me. Never ending lies...


When no one is within 20 meters of Ress, she will turn into a pillar of smoke. Inside the smoke is a cylinder that is extremely smooth. However, when someone enters the 20 meter radius, Ress will become what appears to be an opposite to the closest monster or human.

I am a mirror. I am defective in their eyes. They look at me like toys, like I'm nothing. But they don't know me. I am their true forms. One day, everyone will bow to me. To me, the defective mirror.


Thera - Appears as a fire elemental who has blue flames for eyes. Very extraverted to non-elemental, but introverted around elementals. Her name is Plama.

I am the fire in the stone.

Emily - Appears as a small Hydra with 5 heads. Very courageous. Her name is Hemmy.

I am the monster of monsters.

Bryson - Appears as a skeleton with a fleshy head, in which he covers with a mask and hoodie. His eye can glow blue with magic. Becomes social and very unintelligent. His name is Resson.

I am the deceiver of beings.

Perverted Mind - Appears as a floating heart with claws at it's side. He is very cold and emotionless, and is very logical. His name is Analytical Heart.

I am the smartest across the land.

Melakey - Appears as a small, glass-like cube. Will infect a host's SOUL, taking complete energy out of them until their SOUL shatters. She turns the opposite color of the SOUL she's hosting. Her name is Melankohly.

I am the most despicable of entities.

Minkfi Yawa - Is a dog. At first is kind, but becomes ruder and ruder. Is very edgy. His name is Muywer Dagg.

I am the evil everyone hides.

REDACTED TITLE - A small humanoid that cares about everyone and can only feel love and compassion. No one knows her name, so they call her REDACTED TITLE as well.

I am the most misleading monster.

Zabetar Sayar - A dark-red skinned adult goat monster. He is very humble, however is very unfit. His name is Zack Sayan.

I am the puppet master.

Tyfli - A man covered in eyes. He will randomly burst into flames and scream at the top of his lungs.

I can be their worst nightmares

Vivienne Enchante - A robot who is uncharming and not powerful. He usually is avoided. His name is Très Dégoûtant.

I take their knowledge and mash it together.

The Dark Corpse - A white-colored, blue-eyed living human who enjoys helping others. His name is Light Man.

I swap them around to torment them.

Craig Prickle - An elderly tulip monster, who sells illegal items to those willing to buy.

I make them hate their inner selves.
I am Ressurgence.


  • Ress was partially inspired by SCP-600, "That Guy".
  • There is more then meets the eye on the article.
  • Ross was a named picked by PixelzOnYoutube, but was adapted. The name "Ress" does have a meaning, however.
  • Très Dégoûtant means Very Disgusting.



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