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Heavy work in progress.


Long ago, two races ruled the earth.


The humans grew afraid of the monsters,

And declared war.

The HUMANS were victorious,

and sealed the monsters underground

After a couple of years, a human fell.

The prince found them,

and brought them back to their family.

Eventually, the human died.

Wanting to grant his adopted sibling’s last wish,

the prince absorbed their soul,

And carried them to their village.

The humans were afraid of him.

After being attacked, the prince stumbled home,

turning to dust in front of his parents

In a desperate fit of anger and sadness,

the king declared war.

The queen, disgusted with her husband, left.

One by one, more humans fell.

Aqua, Blue,

Orange, Green,

And Purple.

All of them were slayed, and harvested for their souls.

However, the 6th human fell, and freed the others.

And the underground was void of life the next day.

Eventually, the seventh fell, a red soul pulsing in their chest.

They had come from another time of existence.

They walked forward, and found things entirely changed.

Will they commit to their original plan of death

or help those who have already suffered it?

Those decisions…

are up to you.

ResurrecTale (Also known as ResTale) is an undertale post-genocide AU, where the souls are released by a still alive Justice-souled human, and they cause havoc across the entire underground. Every monster was brutally killed, often in painful ways, and this caused them to leave behind their final memory, the memory where they die.

Frisk was thrown into this world when they decided to try a genocide run, and reset with the intent of killing the monsters and finding the end result. However, they were thrown into a world already stricken by that route, cause by the 6th soul, justice. They woke up, already hinted that something was wrong by the different equipment, a full chest bandage and a sharpened knife, and the screams, down the hall.

Justice had fallen, and quickly found out about the deaths of the other souls, and blamed monsters as a race for their death. He head straight for the souls to free them, killing as many monsters on his way there as he found.

He had killed All the main characters, from Toriel in cold blood to Asgore in revenge. The rest of the souls- excluding kindness- killed off the rest of them.

Monsters repeat their last memory over and over, until Frisk touches them. After this, after 5 minutes, they'll revert to their memory in their current position.

Canon deaths:

Most death’s here were in self defence. However, dust can be found everywhere, indicating that the souls either had attacked here as well, or Justice realized what Asgore had done, and blamed all the monsters.

Flowey: Flowey, the ever-sly flower he was, had tried to pull the same trick on Justice that he would have played on Frisk. However, Flowey was killed before he could even say Howdy, as half his face was suddenly riddled with bullet holes. He screamed, before he was killed, half his bulb missing.

Toriel: Toriel can be found in her chair in her house reading a book, before looking up. She is hit by 2 bullets, before trying to say something, and a third hits her between the eyes.

One of the most obviously affected places, the souls hit this area the hardest. Dust is nearly indistinguishable from the snow, making finding a monster's specific death area hard.

Sans: Sans can be found first, on the 16th tree from the ruins door. He had died while sleeping, and thus his memory is always changing, often being disturbing, even traumatizing. In all honesty, His skull was bashed in with a rock, with no indication where this was.

Papyrus: He had been killed by Justice, after his ribs and one of his arms were broken in battle.

Innkeeper: She had been killed while attempting to close shop.

Jerry: The only survivor of the souls, he roams around, looking for decent wifi to try and message on undernet and find where everyone went. (I'm sorry)

Snowdrake: Snowdrake can be found just after the bridge. He had died a more peaceful death, a blunt object hit to the back of his head after being forced to his knees causing instant death.

"I've lost control..."

This is where Justice gained most of his EXP. Dust litters the place, even flowing in the falls.

Undyne: She has the longest memory, spanning 5 minutes and 42 seconds. Her memory was the entire battle before her death. She had obviously done some heavy hits, before a shocked look comes over her face. She then seems to try to defend against multiple directions, before falling to two bullet holes appearing in her. She is annoyed how she needs Frisk in order to stay alive.

Monster kid: His memory is short, only showing him falling over and dying. No marks are apparent.

The Justice human was well feared by this point, and had been mostly evacuated to MTT hotel, as the royal guards attempt to kill him.

Alphys: Alphys is the only unsavable character. She had tripped on her lab coat running from Justice, falling off the edge. I don’t need to say more.

Asgore: Found just outside MTT hotel, presumably talking to the citizens before pulling his Trident out. Most of his move seem completely defensive, showing an aggressive attack against him. He died from simply too much damage, causing him to turn to dust. He seems neutral to needing Frisks help.

Mettaton: Made a valiant effort, holding off justice, but in the end was no match for him, as MTT was ripped apart. He does not leave behind a memory, but his semi-functional head is still there, which can be repaired. (More info soon)

Mettaton: Made a valiant effort, holding off justice, but in the end was no match for him, as MTT was ripped apart. He does not leave behind a memory, but his semi-functional head is still there, which can be repaired. (More info soon)


(OC survivor spots: 1/3. One per person.)

Woserchester: He had witnessed Justice take the life of his parents, before being assaulted from behind by bravery. The blow to the head took him to 1 HP, nearly killing him and tearing off a piece of his skin. However, he was able to barely escape, flying off into Snowdin woods. He still hides deep within the woods, where It is rumored that sobbing can still be heard if you go deep into the woods.

Thera: Died at the hands of Patience. She was forced into a river in Waterfall where she was continuilly forced into and out of the water, giving her a false sense of hope that the SOUL would be merciful. This never happened, and she slowly drowned.

Cerbo : He roamed the empty streets after Achilles got shot 3 times in the rib cage in Waterfall, now hating all humanity. He can camoflauge well, but it would be a matter of time before someone found him. He once fought Integrity, but managed to run away. Cerbo carries Achilles' dust in a leather pouch. He feeds on leftover scraps of food in shops.

Bryson: Bryson died in Waterfall directly after Undyne, trying to stop the human's senseless killing. He fought and fought, but was shot in the torso, taking him to 10 health. Justice simply stepped over his dying body, leaving him to slowly die from bleeding out, his torso still lying between Waterfall and Hotland.

Jerome: He died in Waterfall after witnessing the death of his best friend, Onionsan, in the lake. He thus took revenge as a vigilante, attempting to slowly kill Justice. After Justice came back to rid the underground of monsters, he attacked. At first, it seemed to be working: Justice took blow after blow, with his bullets just missing. However, Patience and Integrity came, and with their combined power, they were eventually able to catch Jerome and crush him with a rock. He laid there, bleeding out, but smiling as he knew he had tried his best, and Justice and the souls moved on to Shyren.

Eric: Eric has a quite long memory of 3 minutes, even though he was being double-teamed. Bullet holes appeared in him, but they quickly sealed. Knife chops could also be seen, but they also were removed. Eventually, though, he was hit with a blunt object, causing him to turn into dust. He never used his fire rain or his miniblasters, but only using his purple-blue SOUL attack to slow his attackers and sending harmless force barriers at them. His dust can be found in Hotland.

Khira: He died in the True Lab, trying to fix whatever he can by learning the powers of W.D Gaster and his Gaster Blasters. Justice found him by complete accident and fought him, this was one of the hardest battles Justice faced, as well that after a while, the Bravery and Integrity came and fought aswell. He couldn't hold out for long, so he died by the gaster blasters he made point at him. He did this to not make any of them get his XP. They simply didn't gain as much.

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