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Like Ren, Rey is pretty short for her species, standing at 5'0". She has also dyed her scales to resemble a rainbow. She is always wearing her favorite rainbow-scarf that Ren gave her. When Ren lost her eye, Rey took out her left eye so that she wouldn't feel lonley. Wierdly enough, the eyepatch is also rainbow colored. 


She lives in Snowdin with Ren.


So imagine a hyperactive Mabel Pines. Multiply that by 1 quintillion, and give the kid 4 million pounds of sugar. Take away the boy craziness and add a cripling deprssionThis is Rey in a nutshell. She is always active, trying to make the msot of her life. After a traumatic incident, she tried to commit suicide multiple times. Thanks to Ren tough, she managed to pull through. She is constantlly happy.



After meeting her, Rey's life to a U-turn. She ended up falling in love with her, but lives in fear of being turned down.


She works at the Librarby in Snowdin with Ren.






Insult [She keeps smiling at you]

Threaten [She's still smiling.]

Joke [Her smile gets bigger.]


Rainbow Whip

Due to her hyperactive personality, she chose to use her weapons to express her personality. Her whip is multi-colored, with the handle being the only part that doesn't have any color. The whip does 7 damage, and when fully activated, can end up doing up to 11 damage.

Red Knife

Ever since she was little, Rey had an obsession with knives. That obsession soon manifested itself in her weapon selection. The knife was created using a rare metal from Hotlands that always stays hot. This knife does 8 damage..



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