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Richter is a great, powerful and magnificent being worshipped by the one true religion known as Richten. Demons, the most perfect species imaginable, worship Richter and believe his greatness will free them from the horrible prison that is the Underground. Richter, may his great and mighty name be praised, existed many years ago and spoke the scared and holy language of Glien.


The Great Lord Richter's appearance is not often spoke of in Richten. It does not matter, however, as Richter's appearance is obviously great and wonderful, just like everything else about him. Though not often spoke of, there are various depictions of Richter in art of the Lord, and such. Such art, while wonderful in its own right, could never even hope to compare to Richter himself. It would be heresy to think that any of the art is Richter's true appearance, but the various incarnations of him will be listed here for the sake of being able to picture the Lord, even if it is a false picture.

The first recorded drawing of Richter was done centuries ago, before even the Human and Monster war. This vision of Richter displayed him as a very elegant being. Though the picture was still, Richter's eyes sparkled like the green jewels they were. His hair was silver and straight, yet it did not look unhealthy. He was fair skinned, and had wings like that of an angel. Richter wore clothes like that of a commoner, to show that he was just like the other beings of the land, and not at all different. This appearance of Richter, as wonderful and amazing as it may look, does not compare to the real thing even in the slightest.

The second art of Richter was done not too long after the first. This showed Richter as more similar to the traditional Demon. His hair was long and went down to his own shoulders, and was blacker than a thousand night skies. His clothing was almost identical to that of the original drawing, perked up somewhat by great and glorious jewellery only to be worn by such a respected individual. This vision of Richter wielded the staff currently used by the Father today.

There is also one more incarnation of Richter shown, and it is the most recent of the three. This incarnation is based on words told to Father by Vidian. The glorious Richter is damaged and beaten, his clothes - which look just like the second incarnation - have been ripped apart. His hair is straight, like the first incarnation, but also black like the second. His wings - which also look like the traditional Demon's wings - are rugged and ripped. It is not known whether this incarnation is real or not, as it has some credibility due to being told by Vidian. The Father, however, is sure that nothing in existence could cause such damage to a great and mighty being like him.


Richter is a glorious being with an equally glorious personality! He is the most kind, most amazing and most lovely person to ever exist! He has the same beliefs as Richten, he believes that Humans and Monsters are disgustingly inferior to the mighty Demons, which is completely true! He does realise that if Monsters and Humans were to never exist, the species known as Demons would not have existed either, but he knows that they have overstayed their welcome, like they most definitely have! He is very much against the other two races, so no doubt the actions of the Richt will please him greatly, should he ever choose to return to our mortal land!

Richter is known to boast an awful lot about his great power, but that is ok, since it is so great! If he knew of the religion based on him, of course he would boast an awful lot more, but we do not know if the mighty Richter knows of the great respect Demons have for him. Also, Richter is one not afraid to speak his own mind. Perhaps it is because he fears nothing, what a great and powerful man it is that we worship! He has a bit of a short temper when things do not go the way that is planned, however, but that is also alright, because anyone would feel bad if their plans did not go through!


Richter's history is known only from the Book of Richten, the dedicated holy book of the Richten religion. Of course, since this book was written so long ago and passed from Demon to Demon, it is not known how much of it is actually credible. The Father believes that everything written in the book was told by Richter himself, and so the majority of the Demons agree with him. It is entirely possible that very few of the books pages contain any actual facts, however. In any case, Richter's story is one known by most Demons off by heart, but as the book is so long it won't be listed here in its entirety.

The Father's belief is that Richter was the first Demon to be born to Human and Monster parents. Thus, he was trained both in their combat arts and was quite the warrior. He used his special power for peace, and defeated various enemies that opposed the Humans and Monsters, and all was well. However, things split when Richter defeated a titan known as Ebott. Some believed that Ebott would not cause any harm, and things were split in the world.

It was at this time that other Demons formed, and Richter went into hiding, morally torn and ashamed at what he had done. However, he was certain that he had done the right thing in the end, and went on a journey to fix every problem in the world. The last words Richter spoke to anyone before leaving on his journey were to a close friend of his. These words were simple in nature, but carried a great meaning. His departing words were, "I will return."

To this day, we await Richter's keeping of his promise. And it seems our long and tiring wait grows shorter. Recent sightings by Monsters state a man very similar in appearance to Richter's recorded looks! But then again, Monsters are a foolish species. Perhaps they confused one of their own kind for our Great and Powerful Lord, ha!


Richter revealed himself to the Glie and set about on waging war against his jealous brother, Christopher. The results of the war between them was never recorded - But Richter became an even greater hero to the Glie and Hellains alike.


Richter is described as using combat techniques utilised by both Humans and Monsters, and was also described as being quite the warrior even during his childhood. He combined the magic used by Monsters with the physical techniques used by Humans to create a deadly and nigh-unpredictable fighting style. Richter was especially skilled in fire magic and many Demons that follow Richten choose to study fire magic in an attempt to become as good as he once was. They never will, of course, since Richter is such a powerful and amazing Demon, but they wish to be just like him.

Richter is also capable of flying using his wings. This power was necessary in defeating the titan known as Ebott. Finally, he can also sense the Souls of other creatures, no matter what they are. By sensing their Souls, he can also check their stats without having to engage in combat with them, but there is no way he can tell how they fight, what they look like, etc. without coming face to face with them.


Richter does not share the same common weaknesses as any other Demon. He is not at all frail and it would take a while to whittle down his HP. What Richter is weak to is fighting for extended periods of time. He can fight for as long as he wants, mind you, but as he continues to do so he will get weaker and weaker. Unlike a certain species with a similar weakness, Richter cannot easily recover his stats without an extended period of time spent out of combat.

There is also one person who Richter truly fears. The mere mention of her name is strictly forbidden by Richten law.


HP - 10,000

ATK - 45

DEF - 35

A mighty and powerful being, Richter's stats are the very definition of perfection! The amazing Richter has such great stats that he is somehow more amazing than he already was! Those who dare oppose Richter's will are sure to suffer a most brutal and gruesome death!


  • Richter's favorite colour is red. This is why the predominant colour on the Richt's flag is red.
  • This page was brought to you by Richten, sharing the absolute truth about the Great Lord Richter to whomever is willing to listen.

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