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Rickey Rat is an interesting member of the Royal Guard. He is quite old, maybe even older than the war. He is also the Lord of NeydisLand, a property that houses a small amusement park in the Underground.


Rickey is an energetic-looking humanoid being, with tanned skin. He can almost be mistaken for a human, except for the fact he has a tail, fur-like hair on his head, and ears resembling a rat's. He also has sharp yet clean fingernails. Rickey has golden eyes, along with a rat stache and whiskers on his face. For attire, he wears a fancy golden suit, complete with golden shoes, socks, and tie. The furr on his tail is dyed gold, and the furr on his head is grayed, symbolizing his old age. Or that he's a rat.

Naturally, Rickey's back would be bent over, since he's quite old. Yet, his superior willpower keeps it straight, and his height reaches up to 6ft tall. His pupils consist of concentric circles, giving a crazy look to him. It would seem sometimes that his manner doesn't match his expression. He has two golden and expensive watches, one on his wrist, and another pocket watch in his coat pocket. Rickey's pockets are bigger on the inside, allowing him to store all his enchanted gold coins and other items, including advertisements.


Rickey is quite the intellegent person, seeing how he became so rich on his own. He isn't exactly selffish, but he won't bother too much to give to others, though he donates some of the funds of NeydisLand to the Royal Family for better usage. Rickey isn't usually one to depend on others, so he runs his business solo. One of the only persons that he trusts is Jerrigar, whom he gets enchantment for his coins from. Still, Rickey is one to respect the important people of the Underground, though he minds his manners around everyone else. Sometimes.


Not much is to be said about Rickey's past, he keeps it to himself. What is known is that he become quite successful in business, saving up gold and bartering items to gain more and more. Eventually he had a small amusement park built, which he named NeydisLand, and made his residence there. He soon joined the Royal Guard, and was quite useful thanks to his financial skills and whatnot.



An ability that allows Rickey to warp anything in its small range to any location Rickey can focus on in great detail. This means he must know the location very well. Of course, Rickey must channel this in the kneeling position, putting him in the open. A gold circle also forms on the side he will appear on, acting as a convenient warning to those unexpecting of his arrival.

Golden SOUL

Rickey's unique SOUL that allows him to turn his entire form into solid gold. This is used as the perfect defense, but attacks that can destroy gold will lead to his demise. He usually uses this as a last resort.



Battle Text






  • Made by Vinneh's brother.
  • Rickey has a very good projectile-throwing skill. This goes beyond enchanted gold coins.

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