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Riley is a Monster that lives in the Snowed Inn, in Snowdin. He is known for having a hefty case of Psychosis, making him rather afraid of his surroundings. His feelings and actions do vary, but they follow different patterns based on the situation.


Riley didn't always have such a case of Psychosis, but he did develop it over time. As a small child, he didn't really have any mental problems at all, at least not ones that are apparent. He was a well-behaved and well-minded kid. He especially loved playing with the other children in Snowdin at the time.

At age 10, however, his symptoms began when his parents died of a sickness. He began to become a bit more seclusive, and sometimes experienced hallucinations. Of course, when it was found out that he was now an orphan, the Innkeeper of the Snowed Inn decided to take him in as a permanent guest.

His symptoms further increased when he found the book "Watership Down" a year later, and soon developed a burning love for it. He read it all the time, and was by far his favorite pass time. Not to mention that he also found the movie two months later.

About 3 years ago, Riley ran into Snowdin one day, screaming. He claimed that "Frith" was after him, and that one of the "Thousand Enemies" were attacking him. While it may be considered just a rumor, many saw an unusual scar on his tail, showing that something may have attacked. Not to mention that his hair got a bit brighter that day, possibly from contact with sunlight in a rumor like this.

Now Riley is diagnosed with Psychosis, only exiting his room every once in a while. He has fears of many things, and it doesn't look like he's going to be fine anytime soon. But, it bears the question about his delusions; are they just delusions, or is he seeing something that everyone else isn't seeing?


Riley is an anthropomorphic Rabbit Monster, with white fur. He has brown eyes, and has a rather short tail. His ears are rather long, but a bit thin, shaped like an oval. He has a single unusual scar on his tail, one that possibly came from a scratch.

During his psychotic episodes, he is mostly seen wearing strange robes, probably ones to match the religion depicted in Watership Down. Otherwise, he normally wears a black coat with a white t-shirt and some jeans. He almost always carries his book around with him.



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  • "Frith and the Thousand Enemies"


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Romantic Partner(s)

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Riley is a serious case of Psychosis, or Psychotic Disorder, which is characterized by a large number of symptoms. The main effects of his Psychosis seem to revolve around the story "Watership Down", the only book and movie that Riley ever had. Many say that Watership Down is the cause of Riley's Psychosis, which is rather reasonable.

Psychotic Episodes

Riley's symptoms are the most intense in psychotic episodes, where Riley is at the peak of his Psychosis. Psychotic episodes occur about once every three days for Riley, but can happen more frequently or more far apart. Such episodes last between an hour to several months. Riley is considered the most dangerous at this stage, and should be avoided.

Thought Disorder

This symptom of Psychosis isn't very apparent in Riley at all, except when he's in a very severe psychotic episode. At this point, his talking will become gibberish, as he literally panics in such a stage. Effects subside when the psychotic episode is over.


This symptom is when Riley's movements become rather unstable, and mostly frozen most of the time. While this can become a real issue for Riley, it is only apparent during the most severe of psychotic episodes, he has normal movement most of the time.

"Supermonster" Belief

Riley sometimes sees himself as having superpowers. Mainly due to the depiction of Rabbits in Watership Down, he sees himself as clever, very fast, and very good at hearing. While he can fit these descriptions, they aren't superpower-quality, as one can imagine. He also believes that he might be the "ambassador" of Monsters to Frith.

Emotional Responses

Considered the most common symptom of Riley, he tends to have a problem with responding with the correct emotion. Most of the time, he has little to no emotional response. In dire situations, he tends to have the opposite emotion for a bit, before changing back. However, it seems that his true responses kick in with very close relationships, such as best friends, family, etc.


A somewhat common symptom, Riley tends to see hallucinations about once a day, but such hallucinations could come more frequently or less often. These hallucinations aren't real, and Riley tends to see them as omens or messages. It seems that most of his hallucinations are either random, or are associated with Watership Down.


The most major symptom in Riley's case, Riley actually believes that the story of Watership Down was a true story. He strongly believes that Frith (The God in the Story) is after him, and so are many of the "Thousand Enemies" (Animals that prey on Rabbits). This symptom is the very main reason why many believe his Psychosis was caused by Watership Down, and Riley has developed MANY fears/phobias as a result.

The Sun (Frith): Riley doesn't really want to go to the Surface, and the Sun is the main reason why. He believes that "Frith" can see him already from above the ground, and that if he was to leave the Underground, he would get punished.

Rabbit Predators (The Thousand Enemies): Even if Riley is a Monster, he has a strong sense of fear when nearby predators of Rabbits (Ex. Dogs, Cats, Birds) and Monsters resembling such animals (Ex. Greater Dog, Ryuu, Valkir). He has a tendency to avoid all such creatures, and will only trust them when fully bonded.

Rabbits (Efrafrans, Black Rabbit of Inlé): At nature, Riley isn't that afraid of other rabbits and rabbit monsters. However, he has a particular fear for those that oppose/antagonize him, thinking they could be an "Efrafran". He also has a very particular fear of black rabbits, not because he's racist, but because he thinks it's the Black Rabbit of Inlé trying to end his life.

Humans: Riley has a great fear of Humans, for two reasons. Not only were the Humans easily able to kill rabbits in Watership Down, but he knows from history that they were easily able to kill Monsters too. As a result, he tends to stay completely away from Humans, and confronts them only if no other option was possible.


Base Stats

HP: 100

AT: 10

DF: 5


AT: Watership Down Book - 5 AT. Riley gains extra DF when this weapon is equipped.

DF: Lapine Robes - 3 DF. Riley is rather nimble in these robes, making it harder to hit him.


Check, Ask, Tell a Story


To even battle Riley, it would require a steady amount of following, and it will begin during one of Riley's psychotic episodes. While he could be hit, it is extremely hard to hit him, as the attack has to be 100% accurate, in the very center.


Riley undergoes a panic attack, a large amount of sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids leaking onto the bullet board, filling it up.

Riley throws his book onto the bullet board, pages spreading everywhere until the book is magically put back together and thrown into Riley's hand.

Riley attempts to flee at times, and this could be stopped beforehand if an ACT was played by you.

Riley calls for help from "Frith", thinking that he can't do the battle on his own. Surprisingly enough, a monster suddenly joins Riley's side.


To spare Riley, one must Ask him three times, then Tell a Story once. He doesn't like directly sparing the player, but will easily run off or let the player run if the chance comes around. Damaging him at all will remove all possibilities of sparing, causing the only options to be fleeing or killing.



"GRAAAH!" [Encounter]

"...." [Tell a Story, Normal]

"NO!" [Ask #1]

"I-It's none of your business!" [Ask #2]

"Oh? This is just my favorite book... Watership Down." [Ask #3]

"Ohhh! Great story!" [Tell a Story after 3 Asks]

Flavor Text

Riley is in a panic, and now must fight. [Encounter]

Riley looks like he saw the Black Rabbit of Inlé. [Neutral]

Riley's ears are constantly perking up and drooping down. [Neutral]

Riley looks a bit more calm now. [Neutral after 3 Asks]

You try making up a story, but can't think of anything. [Tell a Story]

You ask Riley to calm down. He intensifies instead. [Ask #1]

You ask Riley where his home is at. He refuses to tell. [Ask #2]

You notice the book he's holding, and ask him what it is. [Ask #3]

You make up a story pertaining to Watership Down, and tell it to Riley. He enjoys the story! [Tell a Story after 3 Asks]

Riley has calmed down. [Sparing]



  • Riley has seen both the movie and the book for Watership Down, but hasn't seen the TV series yet.
  • His case could also be identified as Paranoid Schizophrenia, which is defined by many of the same symptoms. However, due to how rare his thought disorder and catatonia is, he isn't considered to be schizophrenic.
  • If a True Pacifist Route is completed, one of two things will happen with Riley. He may remain paranoid, staying in the Underground due to his thoughts of Frith being on the Surface. Or, he will finally accept life the way it is, and finally drop his obsession over Watership Down. (Who knows though... it may be real :>)


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