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"I usually don't try to judge people,
But you really are creepy."
Dialogue before Genocide fight.

Quick Overview

River is a 15 year old skeleton who's family died when he was young. He is antisocial, but is friends with Napstablook because of their similar personalities. He is decent at engineering and science because his parents were scientists and he had to help them build their devices. He currently lives in Waterfall and has a boat that he uses to sail around rivers and where he lives. He has also built a cloaking device for his boat so that he can't be seen if he doesn't want to.


River is a skeleton only a bit taller than the Player and Sans. He has white pupils with the rest of the eye being black. His hair goes down to his shoulders and is almost never brushed, and so it usually has a part of it curling up in the front of his head. He always wears a grey sweatshirt, with an indigo shirt with white scattered throughout representing the night sky underneath. He only ever takes off his sweatshirt when he is really hot, and even wears it when sleeping. He wears black pants and dark gray shoes. He has no accessories except headphones after a true pacifist route. This is because he never had many possessions, and he only bought the headphones to listen to Napstablook's music. His boat is made out of wood and is rotting in some spots. It is large enough to support two people and has oars on the sides with a rudder in the back. River usually doesn't use either of those though, and instead rides the current wherever it takes him.


River lost his parents when he was young because of an illness in his family, alongside his little sister. His parents were scientists at the New Home, and soon after his family died, River ran away from the New Home and ended up in Waterfall. His original name is not known, and he is called River because he likes to navigate down the rivers in Waterfall by a boat he built. Because he lost his family when he was young, River is extremely afraid of other people and monsters, which is why he likes to be alone often. He also has experience in engineering and science, because he helped his parents out in the laboratory building machines. He has a device on his boat that allows him to cloak his boat and create decoys to confuse people.


River is shy and doesn't like associating with energetic people or people that he thinks are dangerous like the Player or Sans. He never gets much work done because he is always lost in his own thoughts, and he usually lays on his boat imagining a lot of different things. Whenever he imagines something, his eyes glow indigo mixed with white, symbolizing the night sky. He opens up whenever he hangs out with Napstablook, but he usually tries to hide from everyone else. He never wants to fight anyone, especially the Player. Even if the Player is on a Genocide Route, River will try and avoid the Player no matter what.


River's main strength in combat comes from his boat. It allows him to turn invisible, and create fake versions of himself to confuse the person he's fighting. However, his boat's cloaking device doesn't work that far outside of his boat, and it is vulnerable to destruction. He can summon bones to attack his enemy with and can either launch them at the enemy or use them as a shield/sword. Using a bone, River can block most attacks, quadrupling his defense. He can also use his cloaking device to dodge attacks entirely, though only if the attacker can't sense him.


  • River disappears and 3 versions of him appear with 2 being fake. The two fake one's launch bones directly at you while the real one will start off launching bones at you before slicing at the bullet board, dealing damage to the Player if hit.
    • The real River has pupils while the fake ones don't
    • The real River will slice the section of the bullet board that he is next to. For example, if the real River is in the middle of the screen, then he will slice the middle of the bullet board, and if he is on one of the sides, then he will slice that side.
  • River disappears and an exclamation mark appears inside a circle before bones are launched out in all directions from that point
  • A warning appears in a certain part of the bullet board before River slices that point with a bone.
  • River has a special attack that he would only use if faced during the Genocide route, where one of his eyes starts glowing either orange or blue and he sends bones moving horizontally across the map while he creates 2 fake versions of himself that fire bones at the Player while he sends bones that are either blue or orange down the screen.
    • His left eye always glows blue while his right eye always glows orange.
    • After using his special attack, River runs out of energy and can be killed or spared instantly(sparing him will abort the genocide run even though you would not usually encounter him in the Genocide run).
    • While the bones River sends down the bullet board can be blue or orange, the bones that move horizontally are the same color as River's eye.
    • Due to River's low attack, the Player will usually be able to survive his special attack without dodging if at full health.

Battle Information

  • River's bone can be stolen by using reassure twice, question, and then steal. This will reduce his defense to 4 and make him easier to kill
  • In order to spare River, you can either reassure twice, question, and then imagine, or by stealing his bone. River will not be able to be spared by stealing his bone in the Genocide route, as he will decide that fighting till the end is more important than running. However, he would've used his special attack before you can steal his bone so there is no point in stealing his bone
    • You can still steal River's bone after he uses his special attack, even if you didn't reassure him.
    • River cannot be Betrayal killed, as he will realize the Player's intent, and avoid the attack entirely. This makes him so that he cannot be spared until 5 turns later.
  • River will always use his special attack on his third turn if on the Genocide Route. This makes fulfilling spare requirements unnecessary
  • Attacking River will require you to reassure him an extra time
    • If you attack River after reassuring him, you need to reassure him 2 extra times
  • River will dodge 2 attacks before he becomes easy enough to land a blow on. He will also dodge an extra one if on the Genocide Route in order to buy time to use his special attack.


Flavour Text

  • River tries to evade you [Encounter]
  • River's bones are rattling [Encounter Genocide]
  • River flickers for a moment [Neutral]
  • River prepares to defend [Neutral]
  • River hums a tune quietly [Neutral]
  • River is preparing an attack [Turn 3 on Genocide]
  • River seems worried [Low HP]
  • River is looking exhausted [After he uses his special attack]
  • Bravely defending his boat. Or not even here [Check]
  • You attempt to steal from River but are repealed [Steal]
  • It's just as ineffective as last time [Steal x2]
  • You try to take River's bone but he realizes your plot [Steal after reassuring]
  • River is oblivious to your thievery of his bone [Steal after reassuring twice and questioning]
  • You tell River that you do not plan on hurting him [Reassure]
  • River begins to believe that you will not hurt him [Reassure x2]
  • River has already begun to believe in you [Reassure x3 and on]
  • You start to ask River a question, but he is too afraid [Question]
  • Perhaps you need to calm him down first [Question x2 and on]
  • You ask River a question. He begins to devise an answer [Question after reassuring twice]
  • River already has an answer to your question [Question x2 and on after reassuring twice]
  • River is too afraid of you [Imagine]
  • Still too afraid [Imagine x2 and on]
  • River doesn't know what you want him to imagine [Imagine after reassuring twice]
  • Perhaps you should question him [Imagine x2 and on after reassuring twice]
  • River and you have a discussion about the question you asked [Imagine after reassuring twice and questioning]
  • River doesn't think that defending is the right choice anymore [Spare conditions met]


  • Just leave me alone already [Neutral]
  • Stop fighting me [Neutral]
  • I don't trust you [Neutral]
  • That hurts! [Attacked]
  • Hey! [Attacked]
  • You're probably lying. They always do [Reassure]
  • Maybe you aren't though [Reassure x2]
  • YOU LIER! [Attacked after reassure]
  • Why would I answer that? [Question]
  • I think I might have an answer to that question [Question after reassuring twice]
  • Sorry, not interested [Imagine]
  • At least give me something to imagine [Imagine after reassuring twice]
  • You know, you could actually be a good person [Imagine after reassuring twice and questioning]
  • You think you could do it that easily? [Steal]
  • Hey, give that back! [Steal after reassuring twice and questioning]


HP: 200

AT: 0(4)

DF: 4(16)

EXP on kill: 30

Gold on spare: 15

Gold on kill: 10


Weapon: Long bone. 4 Atk. A long bone perfect for attacking at a range

Armour: Sturdy bone. 0 def. A sturdy bone that quadruples your defense

Consumables: Nice cream. Heals 15HP.


  • River's boat is called the "The Heart of Stars" after a ship from a book he read once. He received the book as a birthday present the same year that his family died.
  • River is not lazy like his outward appearance would suggest. Instead, he just spends all of his time daydreaming.
  • Attempting to steal River's bone will cause the Player to take one damage unless they have distracted him first.
  • River's fight is one of the easiest in the game, as he usually doesn't get around to using all his attacks, and his meager attack stat means he deals low amounts of damage.
    • River spends most of his time daydreaming devising new attacks instead of practicing them, which is why he has no base attack.