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Rockmanch Genehurt

Race: humanoidal rock

Age: 1755

Gender: Male 

Enemies: Humans, 

Friends: Napstablook, Undyne


Rockmanch looks like big rock statue with runes on his skin. He dont have eyes only big circle on his face. 


Rochmanch Genehurt

Rockmanchs legs and arms are little bigger than humans. Also he dont have phisical connnections betwe

en arms and torso. 


Rockmanch dont have very interesting personality. He is not practically a monster. He is rock robot made of human magic and determination. He dont feel anything, anything, fear, happiness, sadness, he dont feel them. He can like someone but he cant love someone. 


Rockmanch was created by ancient human wizards that lived before wizards that created the barrier. He was desingned to be a guard to humans king. But after war between Kingdoms he was traped deep underground for safety. Hundrets of years later Rockmanch was found by new kingdom of humans (the same that had war with monsters) and used for military purpose. After another war (this time between monster and humans) he was conquered by monsters. Year later great scientist W.D. Gaster found out how to reprogram Rockmanch. And another time he (Rockmanch) was the guard to the king.

Battle informations

Hp: 600

At: 30

Df: 30

Exp on kill: 120

Gold on win: 20(both spare) 0(kill)

Weapon: Warhammer 

More informations

-his atack are veeeeeeeery slow, he can speed it up but his df then is droping to 3 

- if the target he is protecting (Asgore) die before him, his df is droping to 0 and his at is to droping to 0

- he can do nothing in his turn, every time he do that his dm increase by 5 

- He was first capitan of the royal guard in his timeline

- Genehurt have one specific power. He have magic shield around him that protect him from every attack (no matter the damage) unless he attack the oponent in fight. Then magic shield is no more working (in one fight).


1.(3 dm on hit) Rochmanch make one side of his hammer blue and other orange, then he put it in the battle box. Next he is moving it left and right changing the color of the sides. At the same time the warhammer sides are creating magic waves on the same color. 

2.(5 dm on hit but slower than other attacks) Rochmanch punch the battle box. In the point of inpact the punch is creating bunch of spikes.

Alternate versions:

Underfell- Rochmanch runes on body are red not blue. He is much more faster at attacks. 

Battle informations (underfell Rochmanch):

Hp: 200

At: 50

Df: 0

Exp on kill: 130

Gold on win: 3(both spare) 21(kill)

Weapon: two swords

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