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Rockwell is a tall skeleton who's clothes emulate a full body shape, despite his skeletal nature. His wide mouth has jagged teeth. Underneath his mouth, there is a vertical crack on the right side of his face going down to his chin. He wears a black, tight dress shirt. Over his dress shirt, he wears a white vest and an orange tie. His pants are white, matching his dress shirt. His shoes are off-white coloured Oxfords. He wears a white fedora with a large brim and an orange band. His face is long and his chin makes the most of his face, with a point at the bottom. His sunken black eyes glow orange whenever he is summoning his 'Bones' or using them. He has a metal wristband on his left arm.


Born in the Hotlands, Rockwell was fascinated with the recently built Core. After journeying there, Rockwell discovered a strange wristband. Reaching for it, Rockwell felt the wristband clamp around his arm. Strangely, Rockwell remembers seeing a strange skeleton in the Core. Rockwell was sure that this man was of important position, but he has no memory of that skeleton's features or name. Anyways, Rockwell discovered that this wristband could create weaponry in the shape of glowing, orange bones. Rockwell used this ability to ascend to a high societal position as well as a position in a local Mafia. Rockwell remains a haunting figure to this day. That changed after a humiliating fight with Vegemite

Rockwell was standing in an alleyway, disguised in a hoodie and jeans, shaking down travelers for their cash. A certain vegetable walked down the alley, and when Rockwell opened his mouth, he was punched in the face, resulting in a large crack. Rockwell shot his bones at Vegemite, but he was too quick. Vegemite shot back, and nearly got a bullet in Rockwell's skull. Rockwell slipped in a puddle and fell to the ground, police surrounding him as Vegemite escaped. Rockwell spent some time in prison and became the laughingstock of the Hotland Mafia because of it.


Rockwell is, surprisingly, very charming. He's manipulative and power hungry, however. He is very well mannered and kind, though this is simply an act. Rockwell was a neat-freak as a kid, and some of that has translated into his adulthood.



  • Mama & Papa Rockwell


  • Mafia Members, Tba


  • Tba


  • Vegemite


  • HP: 20
  • AT: 60
  • DF: 20
  • EXP On Kill: 50
  • Gold on Win: 99


Check, Talk, Kick, Smile



Rockwell's eyes light up with... anticipation?

Flavor Text

Rockwell fakes a laugh, not listening to what you said [Talk]

Rockwell shoots a few bones at you [Kick]

Rockwell smiles back, then get back in fighting position [Smile]


  • He was originally going to be a member of the Royal Guard


Toby Fox, for making UnderTale

TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade for the amazing sprite

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