Item Number: SCP-001

Object Class: Apollyon Keter

Name: Vesijohtaja

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is to be contained in a Standardized K10 Holding Cell, lined with gold. At least 4 objects made of gold which weigh at least 5 kilograms must be introduced to SCP-001's containment chamber daily.

SCP-001 is contained willingly.

Description: SCP-001 is a ~2.1 meter tall humanoid monster. SCP-001's general attire consists of a stereotypical pirate uniform, including a captain's hat, a black boot, a "peg-leg", a black uniform, and an eye-patch. SCP-001 is covered in scars, presumably from previous encounters. SCP-001 possess a golden ring, which has been designated SCP-001-α (See Recovery Log for more information).

SCP-001 has Class-B Reality-Bending Properties, which are powerful enough to cause a UK-Class End-Of-Civilization Scenario. SCP-001 appears to possess extreme resistance to aging, bacterial infection, and many other forms of termination. Thus, SCP-001 cannot be terminated.

SCP-001 has a strong desire for golden objects, and appears "appeased" upon receiving an item made of it. Because of this, The Foundation has "contained" SCP-001 through the use of this method. However, at any given moment, SCP-001 could breach and cause sustaining damage to the planet.

Recovery Log: SCP-001 was first discovered by initial contact with SCP-001's ring, designated SCP-001-α. Upon recovery, SCP-001 was able to track SCP-001-α through unknown methods, which accidentally led him to Site-03. This resulted in ███ casualties, before SCP-001 had been distracted by a golden [REDACTED]. SCP-001 had been "contained" shortly after by MTF Squad Omega-11 ("Ashes-To-Ashes").


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