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SOULESS is an AU,however it dosnt majorly affect the main law of Undertale.It is set in the same world,but barely ever uses the same charecters.


During the war against monsters,there was a point where the humans seemed definite to win.The war seemed won until one monster created a machine that could channel the determination in souls to create a monster strong enough to turn the tide of the war.Although reluctant at first,many monsters realised that this was the only way that they had a chance.Some of them gave up their souls(as did,unwillingly,some captured humans) to create this beast.The effects of the machine effectively drained their souls to the point of living life in a permanent state of near-death,without emotion or logical thinking.Thus the Souless were brought into the world.

Although they'd lost a lot of manpower to create it,the monster tore apart the human battlelines and started to turn the tide of the war.However,it's design clashed with it's purpose.Despitre being made of pure determination,it defeated humans so easily it didnt need it.It started to lose it's determination,and as it lost it,the emotion that created it converted to something else.Hate.The monster started to hate the humans for attacking the monsters without reason.It started to hate the monster that created it for condeming countless monsters to an existence of near-death.It hated both sides for th atrostices committed during the war.Very soon,it started to hate everything.

Calling itself Calamity,it turned against both sides.With their best weapon gone,the humans won the war and locked the monsters in the Underground.However,Calamity had effectively started it's own war.The Souless also joined Calamity's side,making a war the humans couldn't win.Eventually,they had to enlist the help of some of the monsters to trap the Souless in the deepest parts of the underground,sealed off from the soul-carrying brethren.Calamity itself was sealed away in the Stone of Sealing,never to escape for all eternity...

untill now.


Peter:The player charecter.

Knucklehead:A skeleton outlaw who acts kind of like Toriel at the start of the story.He later turns into a major player in the fight against Calamity

Clatter:Knucklehead's talking sword.His talkativeness constantly juxtaposes Knucklehead's strong,silent personality

Calamity:the main antagonist of SOULESS.Although he spends most of the story trapped in the Stone of Sealing,he is still the motivation behind the Souless.




*coming soon*

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