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Sae Tan was a noble within the human society. When he was being pursued by Karth, he was forced to fall into the Underground. His shadow and companion is Shadow of Mine.


For someone growing up in such poor conditions, Sae looks pretty healthy. He is pretty slender, being nearly 7ft tall. Sae has brown eyes and curly black hair. He wears sand colored shorts and a t-shirt, along with a traveler's backpack. He also wears matching shoes and a hat. Sae has a coin in a container wrapped around his wrist in the style of a watch. A black rose is left behind his right ear, yet the prickles have been plucked out. He looks around 20-years old.

Although Sae is quite well, he has bags below his eyes; evidence of sleep deprivation. Also, his hair is quite shaggy, since he has been on the run. Strangely, his shadow is usually extremely faded, even in the brightest of light.
Shadow SOUL1


Sae is a very kind person, judging by his care for those who have lesser than him. Yet in his personal life he is lonely, at heart an introvert. He never made much friends in his childhood, nor has he been able to keep them. Sae is very smart, thanks to his uninterrupted education and whatnot. But still, even with his troubles, he strives to keep a postive attitude and a smile, and he tries hard to befriend all those he comes across.

But all of this is just a facade, created by Shadow of Mine. The real Sae Tan is a sadistic, murderous, and lonely child. He has never gotten over the death of his parents, and that has drove him to insanity. Any regard for human life, even his own, has been cut from his mind. Still, Sae is lonely and wants to befriend someone. Perhaps it will be a fellow maniac.


Born into an impoverished family, Sae Tan grew up living a simple lifestyle. While his family had barely enough to eat, Sae instead told to go to school instead of working for money like other poor children did. In school, Sae was given a happy omen: No one paid attention to him. It was this ignorance that led to his success in school, with no distractions from any other students, nor bullying. But in the end, a pestilence struck his village, resulting in the death of his parents. The loss drives him insane, causing him to wipe out the remaining inhabitants of the village. He begins his travels, slaughtering any who come across him. Sae arrives upon another village, and quickly dispatches the residents there. By this time, he has reached LV. 7.

As he continues his spree, Sae is abducted by the mysterious entity, Amon. Amon subjects random travellers to his puzzles, and if they fail, they are sent back into their lives, with no account of the incident. But if they succeed, the traveller is allowed to absorb Amon. Sae was the first ever to complete Amon's puzzles, but in a surprising turn, he turned down the offer of power. Instead, he asked for a friend. And one was given to him. Sae's new Shadow was an embodiment of his innocent self, and in turn, the Shadow inhibited Sae's memories and murderous personality, replacing it with a more positive one.

It took a few 100 years for the two to return back to the real world, thanks to Shadow of Mine's intevention, since he did not want anyone to recognize his friend. They wind up at a busy marketplace, and Sae's Shadow gifted him with an valuable coin. He sells it to a wealthy merchant, he pays him a hefty sum. In a few months, Sae became quite successful as an inventor and salesman, and he is amassing wealth, with the advice of his Shadow. He becomes apart of nobility, and is known for his generosity. 

Sae's life changes when a series of murders begins in the city. His Shadow begins to hide him at random moments, in the alleyways, and other places. Upon asking why, he is told that the serial killer is following him, selecting him as the next victim. So, Sae had his wealth destroyed by Shadow of Mine, and the two disappeared. They headed to Mt. Ebott, where the Shadow told Sae that they must fall into the Underground. And they did.

Now, rumors are that a strange man is lurking in the Underground. He is yet to be discovered. Who knows, perhaps someone will find the truth behind these events.


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